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 Herman Cain speaks of his Faith in God

My husband and I have found this man and we are for the first time since the 2008 election, we feel there is some hope for this Country to turn back to God.

Not only is Herman Cain a multi-talented man business ways, he sings. Here is a place to download 13 hymns he sings, Herman Cain - Sunday Morning!179

Even if his name does not make it to the ballot, come election day, my husband and I will write it in. It is time to stand up for God's truth.

Kind regards,
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 Re: Herman Cain speaks of his Faith in God

Thanks for sharing, I really want to learn more about Herman Cain. He seems so straightforward.

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 Re: Herman Cain speaks of his Faith in God

Did you also know he is a Baptist minister?

This is the first time in decades we have had some authentic Christian candidates to vote for. Both Cain and Bachmann are Christians. Both good choices, and a hard pick. There is also Perry. I also like Cain for the fact that he has spoken out against allowing Muslims to take control of the country and instigate Sharia law. He knows what is going on.

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