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Dearest Codek,

He loves you! He loves you! Oh how He loves you! I love You, too because He has filled my heart with His love. It's been a long, long road of doubts, fears, and failures. I finally know His love. It's worth the journey. It's worth the fight. Did I mention HE LOVES YOU?


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Lkid, Your testimony was AWESOME. I love it when its not in christianese. Thank you, once again.

"I have gone through times of seeming quietness from the Lord and from the Holy Spirit, but only ever relatively brief. I cry to Him and He hears my prayer and answers me. I can't think of once when it wasn't because sin had marred His face. Even then, if I have repented He hears me and any seeming anger from Him or rejection is a lie fo the devil as there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."

Well that's great for you but seriously, it doesn't work for me, trekker, and a host of other people. It's not relatively quick or we wouldn't be having this discussion period."
Huh? I think you got me mixed up with someone else Codek. I was not the one who wrote the paragraph in parenthesis above. I havent given any of my testimony on this forum. not sure who this post was from...

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Dear Maryjane...

- This was GOD, it was HIS reminder that HIS care in my life is constant in every way.

-HE loves me so much that HE takes care of the smallest things in my life even with out my being aware.-

-but if I keep my focus on JESUS I know there is real peace, real joy that goes beyond the understanding of this world.-

-the comfort and joy I have is knowing I don't make the journey alone...-

AMEN SISTER!! & thank you for sharing your testimony!
Bless you & praying for you.

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Well that's great for you but seriously, it doesn't work for me, trekker, and a host of other people. It's not relatively quick or we wouldn't be having this discussion period.

Trekker has stated that that is not his case. You are associating him to your experience, but he says that is not the case.

If you aren't saved then of course you've experienced this! If you aren't saved then you are not under the loving care of the Father. God is many things to me: A Father, Jesus is a Brother, a Friend, a Counselor, a Teacher, a Helper. But unless He is your Savior He is none of those things. He must be your Savior first Codek, then expect the blessing of His presence in your life.

Someone else in another thread shared with you the verse Romans 8 about how all things work together for good to those WHO LOVE HIM, WHO ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE. When you choose to love Him then all things, the bad you are in right now and all things good and bad in the past and all things good and bad in the future will work for good in your life. But they won't until you surrender your life to Him.

I couldn't be saved if EVEN IF A GUN WAS POINTED AT MY HEAD right now.

That is simply not true. Satan would love for you to believe that, but it is simply not the case. You can be saved when you humble yourself, release the past hurts that you think are God's fault (Which certainly aren't) repent of your way and put your faith in Jesus Christ.


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I was refering to the quotation below. I believe the previous quotation refers to someone else.

"Codek, don't feel like you are the only one. I have suffered the same problem all my life: not feeling the love of God. Growing up in a non-Christian authoritarian household where love was in very short supply made it real hard to ever believe that love was anything more than a word on a page or to be able to relate to being loved. I fully understand where you are coming from. I am only now beginning to believe God loves me at this late stage of my walk and life. Intellectually i know it doesnt make sense, cuz Christ died on the cross for us, but in my heart and soul i just wasnt experiencing it. Keep seeking, keep praying and waiting. It will come like you say, when the time is right.

p.s. i sense there has been some misunderstanding between you and Lkid on this forum but am not sure how to help clear up that misunderstanding..."

 2011/9/28 12:02

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