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But Codek, I thought you 'were' saved.

Please explain all of this for me. I was on this thread linked below and even though I take the part of the "bad cop" and let other sisters be the "good cops" so to speak and as I see and tell things, I truly FEEL with my heart, soul, mind, body for all that I read here on this place with all these humans that Jesus also died for.
Please understand - that I can't understand - please.

In truth - I thought you had experienced salvation, but this last post you've left here, sounds as if you are seeking for it now, so I'm totally confused and not understanding why you'd be so hard on anyone on this beautiful thread.
I'll just pray for light from here on out - for you and for any of the men that are reaching out.

 2011/9/27 2:58


Oracio! That was an awesome testimony.

Seriously, I'm not used to the testimonies here which is written in christianese. No offence to anyone but the only people in my life before that spoke in christianese, were two-faced false prophets and it's been hard for me to decipher through the christianese.

I'm sorry if I should've rephrased what I just said but I just don't get it period.

Seriously, I understood you the most out of all the testimonies here.

Thank you, brother. seriously, thank you.

 2011/9/27 3:12


False conversion. I thought I did at the moment, then later I realized it wasn't.

My main problem is that I don't trust God, I don't believe He loves me. I never fully realize this.

Because I've been misled, so many times before(too many false teachers, false prophets, etc), I feel like he is just toying with me. He's going to make me suffer the most, and then make me believe him, then say "sorry, I lied to you, there is no salvation, well not for you, anyway" after i die and send me to burn in hell forever.

I apologize if i offended you with my titles, I am not saying that to disrespect anyone. After my initial cries where I get no response, it just gets more and more extreme. That day I truly realized I only had one months payments left in the bank and would not have any money leftover and God was just silent and did not say a word. So all it was, was a desperate attempt of crying out to God but I was bitter/angry so it just comes out like that. I don't want to lie and tell people something I don't believe.

And I did this on purpose cause I thought that's what God told me to do.

 2011/9/27 4:43

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Mr. codek, you must not have read the verse: " thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee...." - Matthew 8:13

 2011/9/27 7:03Profile


thanks for the verse, I have not but I will.

but I didn't want to threadjack, lets get back to Testimonies of God's goodness! I think it would help all us. I need it.

 2011/9/27 7:13

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Dear Codek,

Please read John 3. Will text later on it. Think over the whole passage. Got to go.


 2011/9/27 11:21Profile

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 Re: God is Faithful, Good, Loving, and blesses His people!

Lkid wrote:Can you post how God has blessed you and been faithful to you whether in a trial or otherwise?

I had been raised knowing about Jesus through out my childhood but I never knew Him personally. For me being raised as a Catholic meant following a set of traditions that the church put into place and hoping one day to get to heaven. I can remember being about six years old and the nun in Catechism class told me that if I was a really good little girl and did everything that I was told to, followed all the rules one day if I was one of the lucky ones God would let me join His family and I would get to go to heaven. I remember a lesson I had about hell and satan and that if I was not careful I would forfeit my soul to him and never get to go to heaven or join Gods family. The one thing my mom did drive home with me was that hell was a really horrible place and I should do every thing I could not to go there. To be really honest I was terrified so as I grew older that was always on my heart. I really did try for along time to be as good as I could. I always helped my mother, did all the chores that I could, and I attempted to be a “good” girl. By the time I hit my teen years my parents where having serious marital problems and I began to rebel, I became disillusioned I think, here they were telling me to be good when all the while they were doing all these things that were not. My dad never could walk out in life all he professed to believe so sadly he just pretty much kept on living in his sin and went to confession. He just did not have it in him to be "good enough". More time passed and for a long time I was just living for self too. I had gotten pregnant in high school and then married and even though I was now attending a non denominational church and said a sinners prayer I still only had head knowledge of who Jesus was. I did not know Him as a person that I could cry out to, bare my heart to and walk with daily. As I began to see that there was never going to be any possibility in my being good enough, or doing enough of the "right things" I went through a time of depression and real hopelessness. I began feeling sorry for myself and struggled with self pity. I knew that there was sin in my life but I made excuses or fell back into old patterns of trusting and relying on self to get me through. I was still trying to be the "good girl" but failing miserably. My own marriage was now struggling, I was very sick and pregnant with my fifth baby. I was in and out of the hospital and trying to deal with a husband who had gone his own way for a time and four young children. If I am honest this was the lowest point for me in my life, I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel, but God had not abandoned me and over time He really began moving in my life. I came in contact with other believers who truly loved the Lord and shared His truth with me. They were honest and straightforward with me about my sin but always in a loving Christ like manner. I began reading some really wonderful teaching from the saints that really began to help me see His truth. One by one the lies of the Catholic church were made known to me as I searched the bible to know Him. I began seeing things more clearly and understood that I had been living a lie, that I had been deceived into thinking I could save myself by being good enough, by following the traditions of the church and of men, by saying a one time prayer, all of which was untrue. God opened my eyes and heart and showed me what a sinner I really was and He showed me how completely and utterly lost I was with out Him. I saw clearly that I never was a "good girl" and that I never could be one with out Him. I saw for the first time in my life how completely hopeless my situation was and I knew that I needed Jesus, but it was even more then that I wanted Jesus. I wanted to know Him, to sit at His feet and hear His voice. He had cared for me so many times over and over again in my life that I could not help but love Him. As I looked back over my life I could see HE had always been there, even in the darkest of times HE had been there and carried me through. As my desire to know more of Him grew so did the conviction in my heart about my sinful attitudes. I no longer excused my sin. I had finally come to a place when I knew with out a doubt that I was the sinner that nailed Him to that cross, it was me He was suffering and dieing for and I could not turn my back on that any longer. Faced with this knew understanding of my sin and my complete inability to do anything about it, I cried out and repented. I asked Jesus to forgive me, I repented of specific sins as He opened my eyes to them and I was baptized. After that things were different, I had a deeper desire to know Him personally, to walk with Him daily, and to pray and worship Him, and I had a knew relationship with sin too. I now saw it for what it was.

As I am growing in CHRIST there are still struggles, some days are harder then others but HE is here with me. For me its still a process of daily submitting, and seeking to live my life unto the Lord. I often pray and ask God to show me those areas of my heart and life that do not reflect Him and He does. There are times when this is a painful process, when its even a lonely process. There are times when there just are not words to describe what is happening in the heart, but some how deep down I know that it is for my best and that it is because He loves me so much. In those dark times that I don't see things the way that I should, when self tries to justify, I seek Father all the more and ask Him to help me to view my sin as He sees it...inevitably I see a vision of my beloved Jesus on that cross, suffering and dieing and I know that I must repent! I walk in the knowledge and understanding of what He did for me even though I do not deserve it. I take comfort and joy knowing that He loves me and cares for me even when I don't “feel” it. I am learning that its not about me, but that it is all about “HIM” ! I am learning that I can walk in His strength daily and that I can by His power overcome and live as He has called me to!

Even in times of pain and sorrow I find my love for JESUS has only grown stronger. The more I seek HIM the closer our walk is. Daily HE reveals HIMSELF to me in tiny little ways, ways that most people might overlook or dismiss. I have been dealing with some struggle in my life just over the last month or so. Fear, and stress, as well as some health issues. My focus was on the things of this world, and it was becoming very over whelming to me. I began to allow the trails and tribulations to weigh on my heart and I lost sight of the LORD for a time. On one particular morning when I was feeling discouraged and stressed I spent the morning in prayer and just so needed to know that the LORD was there with me. We had been going through some terrible weather and it was raining outside again. Even though I had been praying I still felt as if the LORD was far from me... fear and worry over flooding had been on my heart and mind so I prayed and asked HIM for strength and to just help me through the day... As the morning passed I felt the need to pray again, I did not want to give into sin so I prayed asking GOD to just help me through, not to focus on the trails of this life but on HIM. HE answered my prayer as I opened my back door I noticed my rose bush was blooming, it was covered with big red roses all over it. This was GOD, it was HIS reminder that HIS care in my life is constant in every way. I had truly thought that this rose bush was dead, damaged from the winds and heavy rains of hurricane Irene but instead it was alive and thriving, in fact the plant itself looked even stronger having come through the storm then before. The leaves were bright vibrant green, there were new branches reaching upward, and huge blossoms everywhere. I smiled and knew GOD was with me, HE loves me so much that HE takes care of the smallest things in my life even with out my being aware. I stood out in the rain and took a picture to keep as a reminder of how GOD answered my prayer that morning. For others who look at the situation it was just a blossoming rose bush but not to me, to me it was GOD revealing HIMSELF, HIS love for me. Just like that rose bush had to go through the storm in order for the weak and dead branches to fall away and new life could grow... I see that I must go through storms, trails, sorrows and struggles too so that HE can deal with those areas in my heart that are weak and sinful and cause new growth in HIM! In this I learned that if my focus is on self, on the trails, on the world that I will be discouraged, I will find myself with drawing from HIM and alone, but if I keep my focus on JESUS I know there is real peace, real joy that goes beyond the understanding of this world. With GOD there are no “what ifs” anymore, there are only promises and HE has always been faithful and true. When I read HIS WORD I see this so clearly and my hope and faith is renewed. HIS care and provision is endless and awesome. GOD is loving even in the darkest of times because its our eternity HE cares about, its our life with HIM that matters not the things of this world. So this is my story, my testimony but its not finished yet, in fact I think there is still a long narrow path to travel with a cross to carry, the comfort and joy I have is knowing I don't make the journey alone...

GOD is with me always!!

God Bless

 2011/9/27 12:21Profile

 Re: God is Faithful, Good, Loving, and blesses His people!

Beautiful testimony Sis. Bless you for posting it and for the words of exhortation and direction for us. It's a blessing to see Sisters staying strong. Thank you, very much. GOD Bless you and yours with even more strength, as He chooses the weak things of this world to confound the wise, especially during hard times, Amen - to "give them a reason for our Hope.
Jesus Is Victor!

 2011/9/27 12:37

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Hi Codek,

Hope you got a chance to read John 3. Here are a few things to think about and pray about.

Nicodemus was a religious man. He thought he understood God and was living according to His will and knew the way to eternal life. But Jesus told him unless you are born again (From above) you cannot see the Kingdom of God. Jesus told him, the prominant teacher of Israel, the Pharisee who knew the law and the prophets etc, that he couldn't see the Kingdom of God.

Next Jesus told him unless you are born of water and the Spirit you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. He didn't mean heaven. I am in the Kingdom of God now. All who are His and about His work are in His Kingdom. We can see it and we can enter it and serve Him in it.

I think this is your problem. You have done religious and spiritual things, good things, but you can't see the Kingdom of God because you aren't born again or born from above.

How are you born again, how is your spirit made alive and how do you enter the Kingdom?
John 1:12 To all who receive Him He gave the right to become children of God, children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husbands will, but born of God. God is sovereign and does choose people. He chooses to make you born again when you choose Him. When you receive Him.
It isn't difficult because Jesus used the example of the jews in the desert when the poisonous snakes came into the camp to demonstrate how easy it is to be saved. The jews complained, God sent snakes to chastize them. They were sick and dying. God told Moses to make a snake (their sin)out of Bronze (Judgment) and put it on a pole (the cross) and to instruct the jews that if they got bit, they were simply to look to the pole and they would be healed.

That is all there is to salvation. Look unto Him and be saved. He was lifted up so that we could simply turn from our own way and look unto Him in faith and be saved.

Isaiah 45:22 Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I [am] God, and [there is] none else.

1 Cor 15:55-57 ​“O Death, where is your sting?
​​O Hades, where is your victory?”

The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


 2011/9/27 20:21Profile


yeap, read it. Good ole, nicodemus.

I can't believe how much I know about false prophets and yet I'm not saved. God is working but it will take time but it's coming.

Thanks again for the post.

 2011/9/27 22:28

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