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Yes, beautiful. I'm so thankful in reading his letter. We can pray that he continue to be so bold and unwaivering.
I have to echo what I said in another post:
Christian satellite does broadcast there.. Benny Hinn sparked a lot of curiosity,(only going to prove that our warfare is not against flesh and blood) however, I know firsthand that Iran filters what people can see over the internet. Sermonindex is one of many sites that currently are not accessible, and with so few written gospel resources, what is needed there are living letters. I believe that Pastor Yusef is one of those.We can continue to pray that he be full of the Holy Spirit, living the life of Christ who is the power of God and the wisdom of God, and with Christ being lifted up in himself, men would be drawn to the Truth. I pray it doesn't cost him his life but that God would spare him if it be His will. I would hope if it were me that people would not all panic but pray for me to find favor with those who have authority over me and for me to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that I would be spilling with the life of Christ. Everything that is needed is encapsulated in Him. God has already promised us every promise in Christ Jesus, so let's pray he be strengthened to abide there.

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 Re: Onemite

Anen, my friend. Though we praise God for the marvelous technology getting the gospel onto Iran, the evil one cannot shut out the power of a changed life. Indeed Brother Youcef is that living letter written not with ink on stone but by the Spirit of the living God who dwells in his heart. I have had the blessing of praying with converted Iranians who love Jesus. There is a fire and purity in their prayers that ushered in the presence of God.

There are many Iranian believers who are calling out for God to do a marvelous gospel work in their nation. They believe that God will bring Iran to be the first Christian nation in the middle east. Oh that this be true. We partner with them in our prayers that Iran become converted and the moon god be defeated by the cross of Christ.

Satan is trying to silence the gospel witness in Iran. But even though the government prohibit Farsi services in estaished churches and filters the internet the wind of the Holy Spirit cannot be stopped. We still pray that God releases dreams and visions of Jesus. We still pray that God changes lives through hearts yielded to Christ. These glorious testimonies will bring Persians out of darkness into the glorious light of Jesus.

Last night the Holy Spirit showed up on such a marvelous way as we prayed for Brother Youcef. We entered into God's presence and prayed his heart for Iran. For sure the Lamb that was slain will recieve the reward of his sufferings. Iran is the Lamb's reward and inheritance. As we are joint heirs with Jesus, may it be our reward and inheritance.

For the Lamb that was slan.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/2/26 9:35

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