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Thanks for the post, Ginnyrose. Yes, I have read the complete bible but only once. or twice. The new testament a couple of more times. As you know, being in the modern church for decades, we are not encouraged to read the bible, there is not time for the bible, they fill your time by making you do "service" in church.

Yeah, actually this is not the forum for a newbie guy like me. Actually, you need to be a berean before you ever come to this forum. They should never allow any newbie christian here or someone in the process of getting saved here period.

Thanks for the passage, ah the faith chapter, someone on here pointed those verses out awhile back, they

KrispyKritter, thank you for the post but I think you have it wrong. I respect your honesty and you can say what you want, it won't offend me. By your reasoning all of us are selfish. All of us have a pity party, the guy in Calcutta and even YOU. I'm not feeling any love. The genereal feeling I get from you is this. Lets say you were a millionaire and you saw a beggar. He was suffering, you would tell the beggar to stop suffering and quit his pity party. Well if you were the beggar, and I was the millionaire, I would feed you, clothe you, give you the money you needed to get on your feet and do what Jesus did.

In all honesty, Krispy, Do you have compassion on anyone?
So if I found you lying on the ground, bleeding to death and you were pleading for you help, should I let you die and tell you to "stop having a pity party" Where does it say in the bible that we should do that. I only see Jesus telling us to love. And seriously brother, I don't see you loving anyone period. You're just a pharisee spitting out scripture, you act just like a pharisee.

There are many like you here, so brother, how have you feed the poor and when do you actually show compassion?

What I'm saying is if all I see is the painful side of God while I'm giving up everything for Him, it's kinda hard to believe He has a good side, that's all. He seems more like a dictator, than a loving God, that's all.

Thank you for the advice and the verses.

 2011/9/27 13:11


Some view compassion in different ways.

I actually DO minister to the down trodden regularly. The difference between them and you is they dont ask me to have pity on them.

My idea of compassion is to take someone like that, feed them... and then teach them to feed themselves.

I do in fact have a lot of compassion for you, but at the same time your posts and the threads you start have a common theme: Why does God hate me so much?

After a while you are going to have to accept God at His Word or call Him a liar and move on.

More people need to just stand up and say "Just stop it. Knock it off and follow God." Obey His Word. Thats the bottom line. No matter what comes your way... obey His Word. Period. Stop talking about it, stop complaining and whining... and either follow Him, or curse Him and move on.

I've spoken the plain truth to you... and you call me mean spirited. I question if you have read the Bible all the way thru because the Bible is much more plain, bold and offensive than I have been. Or maybe you have; and thats the problem.

Fair enough. From now on I shall hide the truth from you, and maybe even sometimes lie to you. That would be more compassionate... would it not?


 2011/9/27 14:32

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Job did not die without being restored.

Joseph did not die without being blessed by his family.

You will see God. It is up to you, when you decide to give up your will, and seek His. If you don't believe in Jesus and His cross and what He did to save you, why are so condeming of Gods Plan? EPh 1: 4

In the love of Christ: Phillip


 2011/9/27 15:02Profile

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 Re: JOB dies without being restored, JOSEPH dies never seeing his family

How appropriate that i have just received this email from a friend! - it can be offered as a blessing to you, bro, cause of the words you say:

"There's a scripture that says: Verily I say to you, that whosoever shall SAY to this mountain, Be thou removed and cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but believe that what he SAYS will take place, whatever he shall SAY shall come to pass for him. Mark 11:23

The Lord gave me a revelation about this scripture. He showed me that people are building mountains with their negative words, instead of saying His word over their situation,they are speaking words of doubt, not words of faith, building demonic strongholds(mountains). They are seeing things with the natural eye, instead of seeing through the eyes of faith. These mountains become so full of doubt and unbelief, and with their words people have so magnified the devil and what he's doing, that the Lord will not tear them down. We always need to magnify the Lord, negativity builds the devil a throne, and if you do not change your way of speaking, the devil will reign in your situation.
Speak God's Word against those mountains, tear them down with faithfilled words, and watch the miraculous intervention of God mow down those mountains into testimonies to the glory of God. GLORIFY GOD with your words, make Him bigger and bigger and bigger, until the devil, along with that mountain, is under your feet, and you become seated with Christ in heavenly places, seeing with heavenly vision and speaking with heavenly words, living in the righteousness peace and joy of the kidgdom of God."

Only Father can comfort you in this trial, if you were only to ask Him in childlike way...not in anger.


 2011/9/27 15:03Profile

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dude you make some of the most outrageous statements on this entire site. You must have forgotten Galatians 5:22. You sound like you have never truly handeled The Christ. For you to be Chris-like should you not put down your stones first??? Your lack of LOVE is very evident "brother!" Codek, remember this, No one who has ever truly sought God, has not found Him... Seek His face friend... I will pray that my Father will show you His love...


 2011/9/27 15:06Profile



You are mean spirited.

There is a reason why you say this about yourself

"well everybody hates me anyway"

other people speak truth but you do not do it in love, do you not get that?

And you judge me without really knowing me.

So I'm getting what I needed, I don't dislike you but you
are mean spirited.

I don't have a problem with most people here. You're the type of person that would rebuke a person who just lost his mother and tell them you have no right to be angry at God, you're selfish. Yeah, technically you are right but I don't see Jesus doing that.

That's why I call you pharisee and I'm not saying I know you at all. But you know the scriptures but you are incapable of love,

And I'm not expecting this forum to help me out.

So if you can, unless you learn how to be compassionate, can you just not comment?

and I am the type of person that helps myself, so don't give me that either. all these assumptions. do you really know me?

 2011/9/27 15:08



You say that as you cast stones at me...

Be nice if you'd get to know people before you pick up your own rocks, friend.


 2011/9/27 15:09



actually I have not, I'm not saved. I've been through decades of torture with the modern church which is like 99% of so called professed christians. I'm just expressing what most modern christians feel. And i don't do it to offend, I speak the truth because I don't want to give off a false impression that the people of the modern are doing ok.

THEY ARE ALL GOING TO HELL. They have been lied to all their life and I'm very angry about that.

 2011/9/27 15:14

Joined: 2011/9/21
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Central Florida


i never mentioned your name... hmmmm how do you know I was talking about you Krispy???

I've read PLENTY of your posts....


 2011/9/27 15:14Profile


I don't have a problem with most people here. You're the type of person that would rebuke a person who just lost his mother and tell them you have no right to be angry at God, you're selfish. Yeah, technically you are right but I don't see Jesus doing that.

Well... He did teach some harsh things:

Luke 9:59-60 "And He said to another, “Follow Me.” But he said, “Lord, permit me first to go and bury my father.” 60But He said to him, “Let the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God.”

It always amuses me when someone like yourself accuses me of being judgemental... all the while not seeing that they are setting themselves up as judge and jury and executioner over me.

You are a hypocrite.


 2011/9/27 15:16

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