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 letting thread die...

to say that ya'll should let the thread die you sure are kicking a dead horse... this woman is not a heritic... maybe a little decieved or misguided but not a heretic... the way she talks about Jesus alone is proof "some" proof of her devotion to HIm. Her theology may not be yours but her faith seems more simple and child-like to me...


 2011/9/23 8:20Profile

 Re: letting thread die...

I know Mormons who speak very sweetly about Jesus.

And by the way, no one called HER a heretic. You're putting words in our mouths. We called the man she follows a heretic... because he is.


PS: You are new here. Stick around, you will notice I have no problem fellowshipping with believers who may not share all of my doctrinal beliefs. I'm quite certain not all of my theology is correct. Who's is?

 2011/9/23 8:28

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