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 Having an attitude like jacob

I been thinking about my life and my walk with the Lord over 8 years. I had a sister in the lord point out that i been seeking the Lord on my terms and not God's. Like with the story of Jacob where at first he had the attitude that if God would bless him that jacob would serve him. I know that is the attitude not to have, but i have seen it especially in my life. Does anyone have a testimony of having testimony of having that attitude and then how they changed their attitude to the proper one that basically that you were going to serve god whether or not you were blessed or even if he did what you wanted, but simply because God is worthy and deserves to be honored being our creator. Does anyone have a testimony about this. I feel as if maybe i have had at times an attitude of using God for the benfits and peace and blessing instead of the proper. I mean i know truly none of us can do anything without his Spirit, so his Spirit is needed, but if we seek for the proper attitude maybe he will give it.

 2011/9/18 20:33

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 Re: Having an attitude like jacob

" he had the attitude that if God would bless him that jacob would serve him"

This is the way the carnal mind regards God. "I will serve you if you serve me!" Selfish. The pray-yer has no concept of the power, glory, majesty, and sovereignty of God.

I have a sister-in-law who has abandoned God, her husband because she says God does not answer her prayers! Her abandonment has created greater havoc in the lives of others then it did by staying and simply trusting. (This is simplifying a very complex issue.)

It all comes down to submitting to the will of God; recognizing that my will is so inferior, my knowledge so limited compared to God's.

The way I can tell when I am infected with this mindset is when I will argue with the LORD. I will work to prove Him wrong!

This mindset comes into play when we see life not happening as we think it should, when we are disappointed with God and the things he allows, whether it be spiritual or natural. Doubts can come in many forms and we do well to recognize them. The best one can do to prevent them is to simply trust Him, submit to Him, even in things that make no sense at all.

This is what I have learned in life. Hope it helps.

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Having an attitude like jacob

Sure, we all have had the same attitude.

I can tell You our story about: We started to pray for revival in the church. Prayed for some month.

In that summer, it had been turned out the pastor's daughter will have a baby with Dawn syndrome. We prayed for healing, but nothing happened. One week later, the mother of my pastor's wife died.
Next week, I married my wife, and went to honeymoons. BAck to home, we had a car crash. It was not my fault, but because of a crazy hungarian regulation, I had to take the responsibility: to pay the damages.
We had no injuries, but cost a lot a money to repair the car. Moreover, it was my sister-in-law's car.
7 month later after her birth, the baby died.

Since a time, I can not find a job, only I worked 5-6 month in the past one year, with a diploma of civil engineering (because the financial crisis).

God made with us, that removed all other supports.
We have lost a lot of things: all our supports of religion, money, etc.

Our faith went through burning fire. Almost lost my faith.
First, I was angry for God. I guess, we all were angry and bitter, when He removes our support, and destroys our theology: "if You bless me..."
Our faith went through cleansing fire, and all was burned, what is not faith in Him, but only in His blessings.

But in this state, if You hav no other choice, just to call on the name of the Lord, as the only one, that can help. You'll be broken: never be the same as before. Just like Jacob, at Penuel. This is one of my favourite verse:

Hos 12:4 Yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed: he wept, and made supplication unto him: he found him in Bethel, and there he spake with us;

This is the secret:)

But I must tell, everyone is winner, if vanquished by God. If You are serious, God will ensure the fire for Your sacrifice.

Since that time, God gave another baby for the precious brothers, healthy. The church got fire. But now, we are standing on Christ, not on His blessings.

Kotán Norbert

 2011/9/20 10:51Profile

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