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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Kings of king visiting earth this weekend!!!

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Ginny... funny thing happened this weekend! I was completely healed of diabetes!! I ate some food and my blood sugar never rose above normal levels!

Oh... wait... did I mention I took my normal injection of insulin just beforehand?

So nevermind. I wasnt healed.

I have a question for Paula... what in the world is "sock cloth" anyway? I aint putting on anyone's dirty socks!


 2011/9/19 14:26

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 Re: Kings of king visiting earth this weekend!!!

1 of 13 videos, judge for yourselves.

 2011/9/19 15:01Profile

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So nevermind. I wasnt healed.

I'm sorry, Krispy. Major bummer! ;)

I have a question for Paula... what in the world is "sock cloth" anyway? I aint putting on anyone's dirty socks!

It cracked me up, too, when I saw how she spelled it. Paula, would you elaborate on "sock-cloth"? XD
Just teasin' ya Paula!

 2011/9/19 15:21Profile


I dont need to waste my time watching YouTube videos of this hoax...

I can tell you straight up it's false.

What we need is true spiritual revival, no more of this "everyone is going to be healed and rich" garbage.

Jesus did not heal everyone when He walked to earth.

I know we're mocking, but frankly these types of prophets are no different than the prophets of Baal... and deserve to be mocked.


 2011/9/19 16:26

Joined: 2010/11/17
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This is appalling. I'm not speaking of the orginal post, but to the people that are not being of God here. I don't agree with her at all, but this making fun of her, how is that going to show her the truth? Where is the love?

 2011/9/19 17:30Profile

 Re: Krispy

Bro I have a question for you. Do you even believe in healing? Do you believe that God still heals today? Do you believe that he still manifest himself in signs and wonders, dreams and visions? You a cessionist bro?


 2011/9/19 17:45

 Re: Inlove

I am afraid love is not something that prevails in this forum.


 2011/9/19 17:49

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Love is not blind.

Love is full of truth, but it is full of grace too!Jn 1:14

So meny people are cought up in this stuff let us pray for them.

 2011/9/19 21:24Profile

 Re: All

1 Corithians 8:1
Knowledge puffs up but love builds up.


 2011/9/19 21:44

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Yeah, we should have some grace here and throw the ravenous wolves a little meat...

 2011/9/19 22:42Profile

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