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 prayer for elderly at work

Their are some elderly who are really sick right now, i am going to put their names down and if you could pray for them, their complete healing, for their spiritual state and for them in general.
John Pius- He has been given 6 months to live, has cancer and is slowly dying and getting worse. I believe anything is possible with the Lord for healing and strength and deliverance. So if you could please pray for his healing and deliverance.
Viola Jones- She is currently in the hospital and is sick their right now.
Margaret Rice- Has been slowly getting more confused and worse, definitely needs our prayers.
Gerry- Gerry has been slowing down health wise for some time now, he has a hard time walking.
Charles- Had a really bad fall almost 2 weeks ago, i think broke something in his neck, he is walking and everything, but if you could pray for fast healing it would be great for him. Also in my building their is Violet, June, Victor, Agnes, Martin, Jack and Pat, Flo, Ada, Joyce, and Lois. This is the main building i work in, if you could pray for them and for their healing, Gods strength and comfort, and especially for their soul. I really appreciate it, it is very hard to see them like this and do nothing, but i know i can pray for them and lean on God. Many other needs at Paradise Park and other people that need prayer too.

John Beechy

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