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 A Rising Threat

Recently one of the SI moderators reopened a thread which gave a testimony of Richard Wormbrandt as he appeared before the U S Senate and spoke of his experiences in Romania. Wormbrandt detailed his tortures and persecutions at the hands of the communist authorities and what he endured. His appearing before the U S Senate was in the context of the cold war of the 1960(s. Those my age (I am 60) can remember the Cuban middle crisis, Vietnam, Berlin Wall, etc. We even remember 'duck and cover'.

It was during that time two books came out that reminded people that there was a persecuted church.behind the Iron Curtain. One book by a Dutchman called Brother Andrew spoke of the need for Bibles for the underground church in Russia and its satellite countries. It reminded the west there was a suffering church that needed prayers and Bibles. The other book Tortured for Christ by Richard Wormbrandt reminded the west of a suffering church under communism through the experiences of its author.

Richard Wormbrandt spoke of communism not so much as an evil political system but more as an evil spiritual system inspired by Satan. I would commend Wormbrandt's book called Marx and Satan where the author goes more into this.

Ok, Communism was defeated. Russia fell. Except for places like Cuba and China communism is no longer a threat. Why the history lesson? Because a greater threat has emerged. Perhaps more dangerous than communism. Because the threat is religion. The religion is Islam.

When we think back to the tragic event of 9/11 it was not radical communist but radical moslems that attacked us. Then we were introduced to words such as Al Queda, Taliban, Bin Laden, Koran, jihad, sharks, etc. Islam came to the forefront of tge American scene. But as usual Christians were asleep and Satan was on the move.

While the U S wages a successful war against Islamic extremist the moslems are quietly converting young people in America and England to Islam. In the south I an seeing that Islam is starting to have an appeal to African American young women. Despite the fact that Islam oppressed women these African American females have baught the lie that Islam respects women.
As I have talked with such women at the mall they have been decked out in the hajib, the traditional Islamic female dress.

We see mislems building mosques in places you would not think of. Not New York or Chicago. Forget ground zero. I am talking Bible belt America. I am talking Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Okahoma, Texas, etc. State legislatures that have tried to enact laws against sharia have been over turned in Federal courts.

Michigan probably has more moslems than any other state. It us my undrstanding that moslems are quietly starting a grass roots movement to take contrl.of local governments. They run candidates for local school boards and city council. And probably win. Next would be the Michigan state legislature. And sharia.

Impossible you say. Our Constitution would not allow it. I say to you, dear saint wake up. It has happened in England. It is said England has more Moslems than Methodist.

So the Tea Party is our salvation. Surely Rick Perry or Michelle Backman will deliver us from this vile threat. NayI say! And a thousand times nay! Jesus Christ is our only hope for deliverance. Richard Wormbrandt and Brother Andrew said that Jesus Christ must be our answer to communism. So Jesus Christ must must be our answer to Islam.

Like it or not we wil be forced to engage the Moslem. They are coming to our front door. Brother Andrew has said if we do not go to the moslems with the love of Christ and his gospel they will come to us in judgment as terrorist. Tragically they did on 9/11.

I found it disheartening that during the 9/11 prayer call no slot was given for the evangelization of the moslens. Are we not to pray for our enemies. There was prayer for Israel. But no prayer for the gospel to go forth to the moslems. I must ask why????????

Saints we need to wake up. There is a greater threat than communism at our door. The threat is Islam. But the same gospel that defeated communism can also defeat Islam. Let us engage them with the love and gospel of Jesus.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/9/14 13:43

Joined: 2006/7/31
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 Re: A Rising Threat

Brother I write this with much respect for your call to reach out to the Muslim people. I have been in prayer as the LORD gives me leading to pray for them to see their great need of JESUS. As GOD leads me to I will continue to pray for all who are lost to repent of their sins, and cry out to the LORD!

God Bless

 2011/9/14 13:58Profile

 Re Maryjane

Amen sister, That's all I ask.


 2011/9/14 14:57

Joined: 2004/7/7
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 Re: A Rising Threat

Appreciate this post, Blaine.

I, too, remember well all the crises you mentioned, being 4 years older then you. I also remember the fear we had of communism and Khrushchev.

I have read Wurmbrand's books and his newsletters when he was still alive and distributing them. They did nothing to allay the fear one had of the brutality of communism.

I am convinced our nation has in the past come very close to falling to communism and the fact that it did not can only be attributed to the restraining power of God. There was much civil unrest back in those days: riots, burnings of buildings, strikes by union workers, name it. You were regarded as crazy for insisting that communism was behind all this strife...Oh, yes, there were many liberal churches in cahoots with them, clamoring for social justice.

And now we have Islam. Only God can restrain its power in our communities. But if He chooses not to, we better get prepared.

On the bright side, I keep hearing reports of Jesus appearing to Muslims in their dreams and how they are turning to Him! We never heard anything like this back during the Cold War!

In any case one never knows how God is going to work things out. The best one can do is to stay close to Him. Thanks for the reminder, Blaine.

Sandra Miller

 2011/9/14 21:49Profile

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New York

 Re: A Rising Threat

Very well written post Blaine. and an important topic. Thanks for presenting it.

In Western Europe, most married couples of European descent is about 1.21 children per couple. It has been at that rate for a few decades. As their population declines in their homelands, the Muslims have been immigrating in large numbers, and their married couples are having many children, in some families, more than ten.

In a decade or two, all they have to do is to vote their own people into political office and they will have taken over each Country without firing a shot. Sharia Law will be the Law of the land, and in accord thereto, all non-Muslims will become subservient to their Muslim masters.

And they are coming en mass to the US, and they have been settling in large numbers in election swing states to influence the Presidential and congressional elections. This gives them significant political power.

The Migration of Muslims to the west is not to gain freedoms they were deprived in their homelands, but rather, they are financed by wealthy muslims.

In Europe they do not mix with Europeans (who are afraid of them) but they set up satellite cities. These are cities adjacent to, or in, major cities consisting only of Muslims. They are called satellite cities because each muslim dwelling is hooked up to Satellite Dishes whereby they receive all Islam television from Saudi Arabia, and other mid-eastern muslim nations.

However, the United States also has major immigrations from South of the Border, Most Hispanics favor Christianity. We need to reach out to this group and bring them, with open arms, into our church's that they may grow to maturity in Christ.

You mentioned England having a large Muslim population. Christianity has been on a decline ever since the teachings of Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin overthrew the Mosaic geology and the Genesis account that the universe and life created by God, in England's schools and mass media. It was down to less than 10% of the England's population being regular church-goers. In response to the rapid growth of population of muslims in England, Regular Christian Churchgoing in England has increased by 1% of the overall English native population.

I appreciate your post Blaine (Martyr). Is it possible that this is a prelude to our Christian heads being cut off per the Book of Revelation? I don't know because I have very little understanding of the last book of our Bible. As much as I tried, I could never make sense of that book.

Arthur Biele

 2011/9/14 23:00Profile

 Re: Art

You bring up some very valid points. Particularly about the declining western, American birthrates. Muslems do have large families in America and their main reason is to provide more manpower as it were to take over America. I did not pick this up from Glen Beck but from a speaker at a VOM conference.

You are right about how the Moslems will not associate with main stream America but will build their own enclaves generally centered around a mosque. One us being built here in Little Rock.

I have heard reports that local police wlli not prosecute or arrest moslems who carry out honor killings. I am talking about honor killings here in this country. This is why Rifka Berry after converting to Christ had to go into hiding. Again I am talking about in this country.

Yes, America does have an immigration problem. But it is not south of the border.


 2011/9/14 23:28

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