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 STOP SB 48 pass on

Please pass it on. Thank you and God bless you.

Brethren - All Glory and Praise to Yeshua!!!! \O/

Sign the Petition and stop SB 48. Our children, grandchildren, ALL children, will be exposed to these things if we do not make a stand on their behalf. Click on the below link for more information and take action. God bless you all!

Gal. 2:20

 2011/9/13 15:00

 Re: STOP SB 48 pass on

We do not Have Enough Signatures

#17 in a series of last minute appeals to get the signatures and qualify the referendum

We need almost 505,000 valid signatures, and many more than that to give us a margin for signatures that will be rejected.

Today we do not have enough signatures. (Our opponents have reported that we have the signatures, even giving numbers.) If we had to turn in today, we failed.

But we have until next Tuesday to get the signatures we need. Some will be mailed by Friday in regular mail. Others will need to be sent by UPS or Federal Express on Monday for delivery the next day.

We have the time to make this a success, but every person reading this note needs to help.

If you or anybody you know has not signed a petition, go now to Sign, Stamp and Send. For 44 cents-the cost of a stamp-you can make a difference.

If you can host one more signature drive at your church this Sunday, please do so. Make sure that you check the petitions to assure that they are filled out correctly and send by UPS or Federal Express for delivery on Tuesday.

Do you need long form petitions? Please visit the nearest petition center.

For the referendum to succeed, it really is up to you.

Signature Gathering Resources

Posters to print and display at your tables when gathering signatures.

Tips on How to Gather Signatures in Public Places

Church Resources

Church Bulletin Insert

Constitutional Protections for Pastors

How to Conduct a Petition Drive at Your Church

Video Resources

VIDEO: Instructions for correctly signing a petition

VIDEO: Instructions for signature gatherers

VIDEO: Organizing a petition drive

SB 48 Happened on Our Watch

Articles on SB 48

Calif. Pro Minority/Gay Curriculum Law Challenged

Californians Raising Objections to New Gay History Law

Voters asked to stop sexual indoctrination of children

Download and sign the petition today!

Help STOP SB 48 with a donation today!

Return Petitions to:

Stop SB 48

660 J Street, Suite 250
Sacramento, California 95814

 2011/10/8 12:34

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