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 Prayer Request

My wife and I have found a house in the town we are living in or more or less the house kind of found us, the lady that use to live in it was elderly and requested that a nice young family buy it. The family went to great lengths to fulfill this wish, they appraised the house at 70,000 and are selling the house to us for 50,000 our one and only obstacle is the finalization process of getting a loan. I am asking for prayer that this goes through completely and without a hitch.

I have very little experience with buying a home and the broker we are going through said the lender is wanting some of our past bills to see if we are faithful in paying them on time and all that jazz. I know brother Frank is knowledgable about these things because I should just talk to you on facebook sometime :)

Another great advantage of this house is its all one level and smaller than the house we live at which is gigantic in comparison. So not only is it a pretty penny to heat and cool but it also keeps everyone in my family all seperated. I look forward to being closer literally and spiritually to my family members. Thank you all

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

 2011/9/12 5:25Profile

 Re: Prayer Request

Oh yes, praying with you Brother Matthew.
Please keep us posted as to how it goes.
Good idea to email Brother Frank :)

GOD Bless you and your dear family!

 2011/9/14 20:21

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 Re: Prayer Request

Matthew, I think you are on the right track in making this a matter of prayer.

In Jan. 2011 we purchased a house that found us. We were not even thinking of buying another place and how it all came together is nothing short of amazing. All I can say is wait on the LORD and do not force your way. If God wants you to have it He will make it possible.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

 2011/9/14 21:18Profile

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 Re: Prayer Request

will pray for you and your family.


 2011/9/14 21:22Profile

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