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 2011/9/25 16:39

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Yeah i know what true christianity is i've listened to those hell-fire preaching pastors and i know that it takes frekin heavy loads of sacrifice, and it ain't easy to enter into the kingdom of god, not saying it's done by works but saying that kind of like the rich man when Jesus told him to sell everything he had, but he left in sadness or whatever like anguish or something, and then later Jesus said that it was hard for rich people to enter into the kingdom of god! Yeah man, if you have anything that'll help me then please PLEASE encourage me with wise words and i'd be grateful...Jesus Bless!

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hit me up

 2011/9/25 17:47

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im on yahoo messenger and are you on?

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Please continue to pray for me because it's still a struggle and I pray that I may continue to seek God and that this will not be here today, gone tomorrow type of thing.

 2011/9/26 16:16

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Codex, Do you believe in the Name of Jesus Christ, that He is the Son of God? If you do what does scripture say? If you believe scripture, you must believe you are saved. If you are saved, where is Jesus Christ? Not seated at the right hand of the Father, which He is, not in this place, not walking beside you, and all the other worldly sayings when you are a born again son of the Father. Christ is in you. The Son of God Jesus Christ is in you. The Father sent the Holy Spirit at the request of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is in you also, Even the Father whom the Son has brought with Him and now make their abode with you.

In Christ: praying you receive the revelation of the Christ that is in you, as Paul states by his revelation, 146 times, in Christ.

In Christ: Phillip


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"What sort of witness is it to those "searching"?"

I'm the one who is "searching". Think of Paul before his conversion. Does it really look like I have that sound foundation?

I didn't write this to blaspheme God. It was a cry for help. I'm sorry if it was offensive but I can't lie.

You wouldn't expect Saul of Tarsus before he was saved to lie to you and say Christians are Great and I believe in Jesus, right?

 2011/9/27 0:54

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I read parts of this thread a few days ago and it really disturbed me. I stopped coming to this site a while back but I check once in a while to see what is new. Anyhow, I was reading the Bible tonight and I feel the Lord would like me to share these verses with you...

Job 35:9-16

9 “ Because of the multitude of oppressions they cry out;
They cry out for help because of the arm of the mighty.

10 But no one says, ‘Where is God my Maker,
Who gives songs in the night,

11 Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth,
And makes us wiser than the birds of heaven?’

12 There they cry out, but He does not answer,
Because of the pride of evil men.

13 Surely God will not listen to empty talk,
Nor will the Almighty regard it.

14 Although you say you do not see Him,
Yet justice is before Him, and you must wait for Him.

15 And now, because He has not punished in His anger,
Nor taken much notice of folly,

16 Therefore Job opens his mouth in vain;
He multiplies words without knowledge.”

- I hope His words are a blessing to you and that you realize that the enemy delights in the things you have said on this thread. You are either for Him or against not lay the blame on Him like Job did.




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