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 A Beautiful Praise Report

Praise His Holy Name.

I have a 14 year old family member who had been totally against Jesus in every way. He said He wasnt real and more. He was doing ungodly things and he got in trouble and was put in jail for a short period.

God heard my cry for the Lord to send a person walking with God to him and God heard that cry and sent a Pastor to him. He called his Mom and said, Mom, I know Jesus is real now, and I am praying and reading my Bible. I want to cut my hair, do well in school, change the clothes I wear, obey you, Mom and respect Grandpa more and not smoke or do the other things I did before.

Today I got to talk to him for the first time since and it is real. Jesus is real to him and though him. He said he kept all the cards I sent him encouraging him in the Lord. And he is going to go to a Church. He lives about 1 1/2 hours from Brother Brian Long and I told him he had prayed for him and we are going to visit his Church when I go there to OK.

More, he talked to his older brother, who you have prayed for on this forum and God answered all the prayers, who has not totally surrendered and Silas said he wants to as well give more to Jesus. Now, I have a new brother in the Lord and one to pray for our family together with.

All Glory to His Name.

It has been years of being persecuted by family members, included Silas and years of praying without seeing results. But God heard all the prayers and I believe with all my heart revival is coming to my family. And He is using the oldest to one of the youngest to pray it in.

Praises & thanksgiving & glory to our most precious Savior who loves us with such deep compassion.

And I hold up all our families on SI that we will never give up hope, never give up loving, never give up praying, never give up believing & never give up seeking Him first.

Jesus, You are our Magnificent Obsession and we fall at Your feet and worship You.

Thank you all and bless you for your prayers.

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 Re: A Beautiful Praise Report

Praise the Lord sister. praise God on high for this report. If he goes to brother Brian's church he will be in a good place. Such an honor to pray for souls. The 87 year old we prayed for last Tuesday night was saved on Thursday night. Apparantly he was a " hard case." His dear praying wife had prayed for her for 38 years! We should hear about that praise report tonight from Brian. Fasting and praying is effective sister, and it is so encouraging to hear a praise report that ends so Frank

 2011/9/6 14:34

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 Re: A Beautiful Praise Report

Wonderful, thank you for sharing and building faith!

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: A Beautiful Praise Report

Thank-you for sharing. It is encouraging to hear how God does answer ones' prayer.

I am so glad these loved ones responded to God's does increase your faith, does it not? And your sharing does this for others as well.

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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Praise God sister, May he continue to work and save your family.


 2011/9/6 16:52

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 Re: A Beautiful Praise Report

Praise God! This is wonderful news!


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Thanks for sharing this.
Our God is an awesome God.

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Tears....I just have tears of joy....thank you for sharing! (and for praying for mine)...

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Amen mama, I am praying and believing for yours as well. God is not a respecter of persons so I know He is working in your sons' lives as well. He loves them all so much more than we can imagine.
Just a note also, I wish I could say I have done or do all things right but to be very honest - I have said things in frustration etc. to my family members I wish I hadn't but like a sister prayed last night - God gets all the glory and knowing my self - He is the only One who could ever get the glory in any part of my life. And I am very thankful for that. I literally cannot pat myself on the back for anything in this life.

I am just so humbled that He even knows my name and loves me and my family as He does. He will finish the good work He has begun and I am so humbled, grateful and constantly at His feet. I have not arrived in my prayer life or in fasting but He is taking me further than before and I praise Him. He is teaching me to be still when attacked and to love and not be hurt but to have a soft answer and to pray. He is so awesome and I love and appreciate Him so much for never giving up on me when He should have or could have. He is so loving and compassionate and long suffering. Glory and praises to His Name. And as He has never given up on me I will never give up taking my family - each one - to His Throne of grace and mercy and believing and trusting Him. Amen

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AMEN! Thanks for sharing this, Joyful_Heart!

And I hold up all our families on SI that we will never give up hope, never give up loving, never give up praying, never give up believing & never give up seeking Him first.

I am encouraged. God bless!

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