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 Indiana Pastor: 'Saved' Should Be Removed From Church Vocabulary

An Indiana megachurch pastor says he is annoyed at the word “saved,” especially when used among Christians to describe someone that has made a commitment to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Christian cliché doesn’t sit well with him, Stevens told CP. He said it is important for Christians to not only live their faith, but talk about their faith in any setting, keeping in mind that some words don’t make sense to non-Christians.

“I think that so often when we use those terms in-house, we’re talking among Christians, we forget where we are at and we forget who we are with,” he said. “We use those words to translate outside (the Christian community) when they don’t mean anything to anyone or they ostracize or set us apart when we really want to be making connections.” ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/9/3 10:02Profile

 Re: Indiana Pastor: 'Saved' Should Be Removed From Church Vocabulary

Sigh! Pray tell what next? Why not just remove the gospel? Or do as Campus Crusade for Christ did and drop Christ from your vocabulary and not offend. And you wonder why Mussie Eyob and Asia Bibi are facing death in Islamic countries for their bold stand for Jesus Christ? One can only wonder about American Christianity????????


 2011/9/3 10:22

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 Re: Indiana Pastor: 'Saved' Should Be Removed From Church Vocabulary

Amen! We lose unbelievers most times (when we are talking to them) because they don't... understand our "Christianese" way of speaking. I say that humbly because I believe (as Christians) we spend too much time only talking to other Christians rather than to unbelievers. (I say this because) I didn't learn that till I started spending time at the women's jail (and they were asking me what I meant by this or that).

God bless,

() and ... = edited for clarity.

PS: Zac Poonen uses the word 'converted' instead of saved. I don't think I've heard him use the word saved for being born again. Just a thought!


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I don't think we should quit using the word, just explain it! Preach the gospel and then explain what it is, why, and how to be saved. I agree we need to be missional, or sensitive to seekers, or what ever you want to call it, but that, to me, is what good clear teaching and preaching is. Its understandable, thinking of the people who your talking too, because if they don't get it then you may as well sit down and be quiet.

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I have heard the words "twice born" to describe being born again of Christ and I rather like it. It gets peoples attentions and gets them to ask questions which in turn allows for opportunity to share what ever God might place on your heart at the time to share with others.

But I also don't have an issue with saying that I am saved, because I was in need of a Savior, Jesus came and HE did save me so it works too. In my experience when a person does not understand something they ask questions(smile)

God Bless

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I actually commend the guy. If you think people get lost with "Christianese" in America, you should see how it just flies over heads here in Japan. Even in Japanese half of the sermons make zero sense if we stick with the coined phrases.

Life to us, but another language to them. Sometimes some translation is in order.

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Amen martyr. Why not just remove the gospel? Since someone may not know what that means. Just like in the school textbood revisions. Might need to not talk about mountains, oceans, or Neptune, since kids may not have seen some of these. Wow! Why have education, if it isn't to teach someone something they do not know? The Word says to teach, exhort, line upon line..... Expound the Word so the world knows. Keep preaching and teaching till other believe the Gospel and are saved... oops, uh... converted, born again, regenerated, justified, peace with God, adopted, salvation. They may not know what these mean, so maybe they shouldn't be used also (even though they are biblical terms). No offense meant (Oh, the offense of the gospel!), but sometimes revisionists get confusing.


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 Re: Indiana Pastor: 'Saved' Should Be Removed From Church Vocabulary

Hmmm...sounds like yet another good reason for using the word. It "confuses" them, they ask about it, and there's your golden opportunity for witnessing.

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 Re: Indiana Pastor: 'Saved' Should Be Removed From Church Vocabulary

Hi everyone.

I think there have been several valid points made here.

One the one hand, it may be that the word saved isn't so much confusing as it is irritating; it's not that english speaking people do not understand what the basic meaning of the word saved is, but knowing what it means, hearing it implies some danger or threat. It may have been just as irritating for example, for the religous Jews to hear about being made' free'. Free? How dare you imply we are not free, we are afterall, Abraham's offspring.

The language of the Kingdom of Heaven is revolutionary, radical, and counter-culture wherever it is preached. It is shocking and sometimes irritating.

But words like salvation, righteousness, and forgiveness are like water to thrirsty souls and for people who are hungry for God and new life.

On the other hand it is right to say that sometimes translation is in order, especially in other cultures.

I believe we are the least effective in speaking to others(and I have spoken one to one with hundreds of people if not more) when we are simply repeating words and phrases that have been put in us, when we've been merely chatechised by a teacher or sermon rather than inspired by God. Repeating the same things over and over without inspiration and genuine passion can be deadening to the speaker and the hearer both.

The words and sermons recorded in the New Testament are words from the hearts of those that spoke them, unscripted, breathed upon and inspired by the Holy Spirit of God.

May we all be able to speak so fluently, from the heart, the things that are near and dear to the heart of God.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2011/9/3 13:12Profile

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The irony of a mega-church leader being opposed to Christian-ese.


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