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Mrs Carter

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 Re: Catholicism Update!!

You may want to look up Richard Bennett's sermons and articles on witnessing to Roman Catholics and fallacies with the Roman doctrines.

However, always remember that the power to convert is in the Word of God with the Holy Spirit. Lay down the Law of God to show them that they are condemned by it, that no one will be justified by the Law, for whosoever transgresses at one point has broken the whole Law and is condemned because God's wrath remains on him. Only when they see their predicament before the Holy Law will they understand their real need of Christ, to trust in His atoning sacrifice rather than their good works. Remember, they must make THE TREE GOOD, and THEN it will produce good fruits, not the other way around. They can't hang good fruits on a bad tree in hope that the tree will become good.

Anyways, God bless you and keep you.
In Christ,

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Praise the Lord, you were adopted out!!

And now the Lord is bringing you back to witness.


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Yes, Praise HIM that you are out of that mess!

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 Re: Catholicism Update!!

Bryan Reed

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 Re: Catholicism Update!!

Congratulations to a reunion, I hope you will be very good.

 2011/9/3 6:34

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 Re: Catholicism Update!!

"...Please pray for us to know how to handle this and also that I can find the right and correct time to share the gospel with them. And break the news that I am Protestant..."

They will know that you are not a RC, because you don't have idols in the house, don't have a rosary, go instead to a home fellowship, etc.

I think in this situation, it is good to begin with witnessing with your life, rather than pointing errors about doctrines.

Aside from their stand as 'cerrado catolico', especially the older ones, the RC has a different point of reference about its doctrines which is not really that easy to tear down as one may recklessly assume unless the one you are witnessing to is ignorant about RC teachings.

Whatever doctrines you may find that are strange are backed up by the RC Tradition which they treat as having equal authority with the bible. They do not believe in sola scriptura.

To them, while the bible is the written truth about christianity, the RC tradition directly came from Christ and His apostles themselves. Only that they were handed down orally, or by other means, faithfully preserved by, and exclusively delegated to the 'one true church', outside of which no one will be saved.

No one shall teach or preach anything apart from what Christ or His apostle have commanded or testified through his church.

How about those dogmas that were written in later dates?

Dogmas or creeds are but doctrines that are formally defined. They are always been there with the church. They are sincere, truthful, and faithfull assesment of the principles and teachings in the scriptures and RC Tradition. They were formalised because somebody or group/s were attempting to pervert, assail, or discredit church teachings.

It was deemed essentially critical to make these official, formal, and or systematic statements for guidance and compliance as to where the church stands against heresies.

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 Re: Catholicism Update!!

Be very cautious and gentle in your approach to telling them the truth. Offense at being contradicted is a stumbling block at the simplest communications.

Starting with things you both believe in can set the right atmosphere.

Also, it might help to work from the Catholic Bible, and to ask why they disobey their own scriptures, since man's memory is so faulty, and therefore you do not trust the traditions of men, because all the denominations have changed and been altered from their beginnings.

And please, please do not ever criticize the Catholic Church only causes Catholics to close their ears to you.

Remember, they were raised and indoctrinated in what we consider to be a large cult, and will not appreciate you coming at them as if you know more than they do.

Ask instead about their relationship with Yeshua, and what the Ruach haKodesh says to them about idolatry, and the intercession of the 'Saints' and the 'Lady Mary', when they can go directly to Yeshua.


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