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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : God is moving in my family, please pray for us?

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 God is moving in my family, please pray for us?

Sometimes when literally 'all hell is breaking loose' I get a little giddy because I can see that the Lord is moving. While it not seem from external perspective that things are going well one thing is certain, the Lord of Hosts is there and actively involved.

Divorces, years-long family disputes, rampant sin, these are all coming to a head, please keep us in prayer.

I was listening to Zac Poonen the other day and he said:

"Wouldn't the bible be boring if everyone was already healed and set free from demonic oppression before Jesus got there?"

I can imagine: Jesus and the disciples went to Capernaum, and everyone there was already well, so He went to another place where everyone was already ok.

I'm so glad that He loves us enough to stir things up and bring healing to every situation and I can see that years of praying is starting to change things. To be sure the storm is raging but I put my confidence in the Lord who was sleeping in my boat!!

Let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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 Re: God is moving in my family, please pray for us?

I am praying. That He be glorified and that ALL would have eyes to see and ears to hear....knowing that this is surely the hand of the Lord.


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Praise God! I too rejoice over even the slightest bit of encouragement towards the Lord of any family member. I do pray for all our families. I know it is so hard this day and age as people are either cold or falling away. But I know the Lord is so faithful to hear the cry of our heart. Keep the faith Brother.

I just had a 14 year old who was as cold as could be come to confess Jesus is Real and is now adamant to turn his life around and reading his Bible. We never know when Suddenly the Lord will open the eyes of the blind and soften their hearts. We must never give up no matter how hopeless it may seem.

Rejoicing with you and will continue in prayer. And that the seeds planted will not be snatched but will bring forth great fruit.

God continue to move mightily among our families and we give Him all the glory and continue in prayer.

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