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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What is a "Bapticostal" to do when the call to ministry comes?

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Again, thanks to all that have replied. I hope no offence is taken with the labels, etc.

My soul aim theologically is to have the same position as Christ. Hence if I had a website that had a statement of faith, I'd just put in there Genesis to Revelation...

I realise it'll be difficult finding a school with the exact position as myself. I don't mind too much. I'll simply accept what works for me and reject what doesn't.

If I'm speaking to someone from a different background than me (say catholic for example), I look first to see if there is evidence of the Holy Ghost working in their lives (those of us that follow Christ, you know what I mean). If it is there, if the love for our Saviour lights their eyes; if the condition of the downcast and lowly touches them then I don't really bother about theology other than to encourage them to keep praying, keep reading the Word, keep trusting God. Afterall, who am I to judge the work of the Holy Ghost in others?

The love of Christ and the pursuit of him is really what matters. All else follows and is the work of the Holy Ghost.

Besides, who's to say I don't adhere to some false theology that the Holy Ghost may pick me up on at some point? Time will tell, and God will tell I'm sure.

Another point was raised about tithing in the pentecostal church. Yup, I don't like the idea. I find it unscriptural. The earth is the Lords and everything in it. Not 10% of my provision is Gods. But EVERYTHING is his and I am simply a steward who should seek to honour him with my stewardship of said provision.

But since I won't give my cash to a church that asks for it, I find other ways to contribute and purchase what is needed myself. And donate my time. But I do not use it as an excuse not to give.

Finally - and this is not the thread for this - I have a problem with the limited atonement professed by Calvism. It is certainly unscriptural:

God is not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentence.

Don't try to perform gymnastics on that. Don't try to see ulterior, "spiritual" meanings. Come to it on your knees as a child. It is written for the lost and needy. I think you will find God says exactly what he means and means what he says.

He saves only those who he calls and predestines right? Well this says he has called all. Remember, we have been given free will.

Anyhow, I am a member of this site mainly because of the Audio Sermons. I have switched off the television and switched on the things of God.

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference no TV, no radio, no newspapers and no internet news (opinion, etc) has made to my life.

I urge each of you to seriously consider it. It will revolutionise your walk with God.

Again, I waffle. I just wanted to make special thanks to Solomon101 for a great reply. Amen to it brother!


Nick van der Net

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