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Queensland, Australia

 What is a "Bapticostal" to do when the call to ministry comes?

Hi Folks,

It would seem that God is calling me to bible college. I feel it more and more each day. It started with a seed and is growing.

So I am looking at my options.

My problem is that I quite strongly place myself into the category of "Bapticostal" in that I love the respect, position and awe with which the Word of God is esteemed in the Baptist church. I love the teaching and the holiness & purity that they espouse. I love the Berean attitude of the average Baptist (I am in Australia, so I am referring to the Baptist Union of Australia).

Let's leave the issue of Tongues out of this for now and concentrate on the cessasionist theology.

I am not a believer that the Holy Ghost no longer distributes the Gifts of the Spirit. I firmly believe they are for today and believe this to be the biblical position.

So hence I espouse the use of these gifts and the reliance on the Holy Ghost in all areas of ministry. Hence I am a fan of the pentecostal position.

But I am also against the theology of many of the most highly revered so-called "pentecostal" teachers. If you have listened to David Wilkerson's "The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly" you will understand exactly where I am coming from. Although my "home" church is a conservative pentecostal church, I often attend a good Baptist chuch which I adore teaching wise. In fact, it borders on "bapti-costal" itself. If only it would accept the Gifts...

Living by faith as a minister - in my view - MUST be a pre-requisite of serving our King in this capacity.

My teaching and theology has mainly been formed from the Word, in conjunction with preachers such as Carter Conlon, David Wilkerson, A W Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill and Paul Washer. I am a huge fan of the teaching of Chuck & Nancy Missler.

So now I am presented with a dilemma. Where should I look for my ministry? I'm thinking either South-Western Baptist Theological or Western Baptist Seminary. Both with wonderful reputations of producing holy men.

From the pentecostal side I am also looking at Zion Bible College which teaches living by faith and the Gifts. In addition, it has a great missionary programme which is very important to me.

I am praying about this and God has given me a good mind and ability to seek out information, which is what I am doing here.

I appreciate your time and look forward to your thoughts.

In His Name,

Pandarus - a potentially aspiring minister.

Nick van der Net

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 Re: What is a "Bapticostal" to do when the call to ministry comes?

as a "Bapticostal" preacher myself, my advice is to follow the Lord's leading. Seek his direction. Take the good, leave the bad and don't be surprised if you find your self as sort of an outsider at times.

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I love these new terms 'Bapticostal'!

How about some others such as:




Or maybe 'Christian' might catch on! :)


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 Re: What is a "Bapticostal" to do when the call to ministry comes?

hi pandarus

hey brother do you no any good baptise ,churches in townsville queensland

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: What is a "Bapticostal" to do when the call to ministry comes?

David Wilkerson was Assembly of God, I don’t even know if Carter Conlon went to seminary. I could be wrong but I always thought his degree was from the university of bent knees.

Well, in all honesty, a Baptist seminary should not be chosen because it will be a forever fight with them over the gift of “tongues.” Why do that to yourself and to them? You will not change an institution but in the length of the fight they might change you.

Where are you willing to go that will allow you freedom in the Spirit? Some Pentecostal college don't even teach that. I know where - the university of bent knees!!! you might try that one for a few years first!! (huge grin)

God bless you,


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 Re: What is a "Bapticostal" to do when the call to ministry comes?

Fuller and Gordon Conwell Theological seminaries are known for their Evangelical theological diversity, and have Charismatic/Pentecostal theological leanings. Not everybody there is of course, but some great scholars in Pentecostal circles have been in both schools. You may consider these schools if you go this route.

Jimmy H

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I love these new terms 'Bapticostal'!

How about some others such as:




Or maybe 'Christian' might catch on! :)

Reminds me of the term "Pentaamibaptinite" which is a mixture of Pentecostal, Amish, Baptist, and Mennonite. :) "Christian" sure is much simpler!

 2011/8/30 12:12Profile

 Re: What is a "Bapticostal" to do when the call to ministry comes?

Do not plan on drawing your spiritual life from the college you choose. You will be very disappointed if you do. Look at your school as something underneath your walk with God, a vehicle to gain knowledge.

Knowledge is a good thing, especially Bible knowledge..but in itself..well...knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. We are called to be transformed into Christ, to put Him on, as Paul spoke.....not just knowledge about Him, or just to impart knowledge about Him.

This is a truth you must put above all that you do, and surely the temptation is to assume that knowledge should make you a minister of the gospel, and surely above others. It will not.

It seems to me, that your heart is right, and I like to fellowship many churches...those who believe in the gifts of grace, and those who do not. I must stop at the meetings, though, who quench the Spirit...and do not allow Him Lordship. This is a plague in modern day western Culture.

I have seen Bible Schools and Seminaries ruin men and turning them into the Pharisee/Clergy mentality over the Body. Beware of this in your strife for are called as a servant, and a slave, to LOVE the least of the Brethren, and to Feed and Protect them...IF you are truly called as a Shepherd in His Church.

Abiding in Christ is really the only real growth that we may acquire..and it is from here that ministry is born, as we capture His heart as we grow.

 2011/8/30 12:44


Instead of Bapticostal... why not just be a Bible believer? Thats what I am. There isnt any one denomination I agree with 100%, including the church I go to.

I'm a Christian... and a Calvinist (which means Christian anyway).


PS: that was a joke

 2011/8/30 12:51

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I am bapticostal actually, I came to a place of seeing both sides, and foundd there was some of the baptist doctrine I didn't agree with and some of the Pentecostal doctrines I didn't agree with.

I would suggest NonDenominational personally anyways, when you go to seminary or any of the schooling you get basically what everyone teaches and you kind of get to make your own decisions from there, which in my opinion is important.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/8/30 14:26Profile

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