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Mrs Carter

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I would not begin to point out parts of the doctrine, I have never, not a single time, found it to be fruitful to engage in any kind of doctrinal conversation with a Catholic, for the most part, they are simply ignorant of Scripture and certainly ignorant to what they are supposed to believe.

This may be relevant in some cases, but definitely not all. When you have a die-hard Catholic like your mom, it may be the best thing for her. When she brings it up or when the Lord gives you and opening, you can challenge her on some of the very basic things which you would be able to refute easily; such as:

1. "A bishop MUST BE the husband of one wife.." How come none of their "bishops" meet this qualification for a bishop?? Peter was supposedly the first pope; how come he was married?
2. "There is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus" What's with their "mediatrix," Mary?

Just start with simple stuff like that that's easy to refute. This could go on...
But then again, you said she doesn't really care about what the Bible says, right?

I would encourage you to give her the book by David W. Daniels, Babylon Religion. It's available at many places, the following on Amazon.

It might get her attention enough to read it... The dash of humor in it usually keeps you reading, too.

My grandfather was a Catholic priest (almost!) similar to your mom, although I would say he was a bit more radical than your mom in that he was part of the "traditionals" who count all the popes since Vatican II as antichrists. Talk about cult!! :)

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