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 A Message for America and Cultural Religion - Conlon

This message was preached two years ago after a three day fast, it is a word from the heart of God to His people. Since there will be no message from Times Square Church tomorrow, please listen to this instead. I listened to it again today and it has stirred my spirit anew. Please listen. I have also included some notes that I took from this sermon.

We are coming together to ask the Lord for forgiveness. We must understand clearly what it is we need to be forgiven for. We need a right perspective, this is a momentous time, a perilous time, a sober moment.

Hos_14:1-9 - A clear revelation of God will come to those who can hear with an honest heart and a right motive. The glory of the Lord will be your portion in the midst of storms.

Let all that hinders the testimony of Jesus Christ be removed from my life. Give us the courage to open our window like Daniel and pray and give thanks.

Hos_13:1 - there was an awe and reverance in the house of God, but then came a following after Baal, the god of prosperity, the god of the culture around them. Suddenly things became about people instead of about God. And the testimony of Christ has died, no longer any conviction of sin in the house of God, no longer a call to abandonment to Christ.

Hos_13:2 - things became the work of craftsmen, another Jesus.

Hos_13:3 - a wind is coming that will blow away the chaff of false religion.

Hos_13:4-6 - we have forgetten Him who has loved us, what a tragedy!

Hos_13:13-16 - oh the tragedy that came, weep and howl, humble yourself before the Lord!

Hos_14:2 Lord, take away all iniquity! Open my blind eyes and deaf ears. Let every area of darkness in my heart be exposed. I am poor, blind and naked and I haven't even known it, take away my shame, glorify your name. Receive us graciously, take us to that place of grace where we're being transformed into the image of Christ and we will give praise to you.

Hos_14:8 - what have I any more to do with idols. From me is thy fruit found. No more living apart from God, no more embracing my own ways. Who is wise?

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: A Message for America and Cultural Religion - Conlon

How very thoughtful. Thank you. I will miss the service this week. will be in prayer with them.


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