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 Are you a thermometer or a thermostat

Here goes a middle aged white guy quoting Dr MLK.....well I'll paraphrase hows that... I heard a letter he wrote while in jail describing the church in his day and it applies today to the church as a whole and us as individuals. He said the 'church/christians have become thermometers rather than thermostats'. You see a thermometer reflects the temperature, a thermostat sets the temperature. We as a body have become complacent. Reflecting the world around us and their pursuits. We should be the thermostat setting the tone for what is acceptable and what is not. For what is worthy of pursuit and what is not. For what is success and what is not....... I for one am determined now more than ever in my life to be a thermostat in my home, my community, work and church.

Lord use me to set the temp You want


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