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Obtain Guidance through Fasting

There are many other things that fasting will do. Of these we might make mention briefly: Fasting can help us in the matter of guidance when we are seeking to know the will of God. "As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said…" (Acts 13:2). In this remarkable incident, we learn that men who were willing to fast received direct instructions from the Holy Spirit as to where they were to go.

Twice in this short passage (Acts 13:1-3) we are told that these prophets and teachers fasted. First they fasted and prayed for wisdom, which teaches us that wisdom may be obtained from God through fasting. You will notice the immediate response of the Holy Spirit to fasting. "As they…fasted…the Holy Ghost said." Perhaps it is because we do so little of the fasting, that we hear so little about the Holy Ghost telling us definitely what to do. Then, secondly, they fasted for power to rest upon the men they were sending forth as the first foreign missionaries of the New Testament church.

Perhaps you have some problem about where you should go to serve Christ, or about what particular course you should take in some matter. Then why not set a time of waiting before God until you get the answer? If it takes fasting as well as prayer; if it takes giving up other matters, then do it – and get the blessing that God has for you! You can find the will of God if you seek sincerely and unreservedly by prayer and fasting.

Whenever a man of God or the people of God have taken to fasting in the past, it has enabled God to accomplish what otherwise He was unable to bring to pass. When sincerely done in the Holy Spirit, fasting never failed to move God.

Apart from power and guidance and many other things, fasting will help to develop in us a love and compassion for the lost. We cannot pray and fast for souls for long periods without there being generated in us some of the compassion for the lost that the Master Himself possesses.

It would almost seem, as we study the New Testament, that in the first century they literally ran the church with periods of prayer and fasting. We are told that in the early centuries Christians made fasting part and parcel of their lives. They set aside Wednesday and Friday each week for fasting and praying, and took no food until three o’clock in the afternoon. On these occasions it appears that the whole church fasted. Wherever they were at those times, all the church knew that the rest of the members would be fasting. No wonder their united, fasting prayers were miraculously answered!

When a Multitude Fasts, Things Happen!

In Old Testament times, the people of Israel proclaimed certain fast days. They often proclaimed a special fast for a certain purpose (Jer. 36:9; 2 Chr. 20:3; Ezra 8:21; Jon. 3:5). They fasted because of their backslidden condition and their sins (1 Sam. 7:6; Joel 2:12; Neh. 1:4; Dan. 9:2-3). They fasted in times of impending calamity (2 Chr. 20:1-4), and when there was a grave crisis (Judg. 20:26). In every case the Lord saved them from whatever they feared (Esth. 9:31; Ezra 8:21-23; Acts 27:22-44).

Even the wicked King Ahab fasted and God took notice of him. The Lord said his fasting was equivalent to humbling himself, so fasting is humbling (1 Kgs. 21:25-29). Job evidently believed in fasting, for he declares, "I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food" (Job 23:12). The Jews fasted when Jeremiah prophesied against Judah and Jerusalem. "They proclaimed a fast before the Lord" (Jer. 36:9).

A classic Scripture on fasting is Joel 2:12: "Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to Me with all your heart, and with fasting…." This Scripture clearly infers that in order to make a complete surrender to God, fasting must be undertaken. The two phrases, "all your heart" and "and with fasting," are definitely connected. The inference can be, if we have not fasted, we have not yet turned to the Lord with all our hearts for revival. 19/08
7:23 AM

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Fasting and Prayer Go Together

As a rule fasts should be arranged at times when one can give as much time to prayer as is possible. The Bible nearly always mentions prayer in connection with fasting. "That ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer," writes Paul (1 Cor. 7:5). The results which the Bible records were made possible by genuine Bible fasting and prayer are both amazing and challenging….

To read more of this article on the necessity of biblical fasting to aid in repentance and in walking in subsequent victory, as well as to help you become an intercessor for revival in these desperate end-time days, you are invited to write to Herald of His Coming for the full article of "Bible Fasting." It is printed as Newsletter #6. Send your request, stating the number of copies desired (up to ten copies) to:

notice that paul exorts us to give our selves to both pray and fasting
im dont think he was saying well brethern only if you feel like it on rare occasions

when one gives him self to somthing ,it is a whole hearted practice

i pray god will strenghen us so we can give our selfs over to the privilage

bless you all 19/08
9:30 PM

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 Re: Fasting from other things

Please, from the title above, this is not a hijacking but to inject into the fasting discussion. As I have read through the edifying discussions it seems we fast from food to hear better the voice of God. For sure, as under the Spirit, we subdue those fleshly cravings our spiritual senses are more in tune to hear the voice of of Christ.

But have we thought of fasting from those other cravings and distractions, other than food. How about turning off the television for a certain amount of time. How about staying away from the newpaper for a time. Okay maybe we do this in our walk with holiness. Okay, let's ratch it up. Turn off the cell phone for a while. Do make sure you have an emergency contact protocol in place. Take it a step higher. Fast rom facebook, twitter, the internet, even Sermon Index. Uh oh, I am treding on some dangerous ground here. But let's really amp it up. Fast from Paul Washer, David Platte, Leonard Ravenhill, Reformation history, Calvinistic theology, etc. And........

Take your Bible and it alone. Maybe a pen and notebook and let Jesus speak to you. You may be amazed at the revelation and insights you will get from his word. Or just listen to the Bible and let it soak into your inner man. I use a Travellers Go-Bible the size of a credit card and derive great pleasure listening to his word in the early hours of the nmorning or when I walk. The Go-Bibke can be gotten in any major translation.

I just wanted to soggest there are other things we can also fast from to minimize distractions in hearing Jesus. I might add fasting from the above things can be just as challenging , if not more so, as fasting from food.

I pray this post edifies and stimulates wholesome discussion and encourages one to get closer to Jesus.

Posted in Christ.


 2011/8/27 8:31

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Brother Blaine, I agree to what you are saying so much. I believe it is the heart of God. I have done this for months on end, well, I did have two devotionals-My Utmost For His Highest & The Christian in Complete Armor by Gurnall and sometimes Spurgeon's morning by morning. But I had my Bible & note book and the Presence of God was so intense. Nothing else mattered but us.

When I think of the godly ones gone before us. I see their deep relationship with the Lord, I see what they did to bring on revival. One of the things is their lives were not so busy and cluttered. In the evenings they would sit by the fire with the lantern and read the Bible. Or be at prayer meetings and they didn't come home to the TV. There heart, mind & spirit was on the Lord. They hungered for Him, they sought Him, they heard from Him.

Even Lot could go in his home and get away from the evil of the City but we go into our homes where there is TV, movies, internet - porn etc. We invite evil into our lives and maybe give the Lord 30 mins. of our time. And then we expect answered prayer, revival, blessings, even to hear His voice.

Personally I have learned and grown so much from reading the biography's from the godly ones gone before us. Of how they prayed, fasted, heart for the lost etc. Like Corrie Ten Boom and how she went through the prison camps etc. And it is such an encouragement to me to hear these many, many testimonies. So that when or if I am in the same place sometime I can remember others have gone through this with the Lord right by their side and I can do it too. I praise God for their testimonies.

But it was their time with the Lord in the quiet days that made it possible to go through. With Him and Him alone. Strength in prison, being tortured and facing death. for those who are lukewarm, not growing closer to Him daily in that quiet time, well, it scares me for them.

It is like when He returns for us. WE want to already be in fellowship with Him. In His Presence. Not distracted by the cares of the world. But daily casting all my cares upon Him for He cares for us.

And like Brother Blaine said, it can be a distraction of good - Christian things as well. Sometimes we just have to be still and see if there are distractions and if so how can I get rid of them as if they are poison to me.

For my life I really see how the more I get to know Jesus - Father God in the Word and from godly ones that the more I fall in love with Him & the more the things and desires of the world literally fade away. And more of a hunger and thirst for Him and His righteousness I long for.

Of course the battle is there constantly to keep away the distractions. Our enemy desires to distract us and it can be so sneaky.

I pray that we all will turn off the distractions. See what we can really live without. Especially the TV. I would even say that how is it that a Christian is even paying for TV? Let's take that money and further the Gospel. Let's curl up in the evenings with the Bible, a biography, a prayer time or meeting etc.

How can we point the finger at the world when we invite the world into our homes? How can we be praying and wanting revival when no one can tell the difference between us and the world? I pray these mighty preachers we listen to today dont curl up at night and turn on the tv. If I found out they did, I would not listen to them any longer. No matter how good their message is.

The Lord instructs us to be in the world but not of the world.

So, lets become the true Church the Lord wants and draw ever so close to Him. He is worthy to have a Bride spotless and blameless. None of us have arrived but I know the more we seek Him, the more we will fall in love with Him and the more the things of the world we have allowed in will fade away. Our desires will go more towards Him.

Let us do some serious soul searching today and ask the Lord to do some house cleaning in our hearts and lives. His mercy is so awesome for us to help us in anyway we need. His arm is not short but long in His love and mercy to save.

There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus - but a godly sorrow brings forth true repentance. Our burdens will be lighter, our joy unspeakable, our peace will pass all understanding and our light will shine.

Let us hear His voice calling us to Himself, He speaks through His Word. Let's sit at His feet and learn and hear what He has to say to us. Come just as we are, we wont be turned away. Ask for ears to hear what He is saying to us in His Word. And pray to fast from all the distractions. We can do it with His help.

All glory and praises to His Name. He will hear as we call upon Him in all sincerity.

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 Re: Joyful Heart

My sister, I do not remember who it was, it could have been Richard Wormbrandt, was asked this question. 'What was it like being in solitary confinement all those years?' His answer, 'it was a honeymoon with Jesus.' It it was Brother Wormbrandt look at the rich literature he left us. Go back through history ( Krispy I love church history too) and see what people such as John Bunyon have left us. His many years in prison gave us Pilgrim's Progress and many other Christianc lassics we know and love. In a sense Wormbrandt and Bunyon were forced to fast from their distractions by their circumstances. Imagine the blessings we would reap if we do this voluntarily. Oh how Jesus would fill us with the rich pleasures of his presence and the treasures of his word if we woukd but draw away to hear him.


 2011/8/27 12:22

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