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 an answered prayer

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I wanted to share about a recent answer to prayer. Today, my son Eric had been looking for a while for a dental appliance, and was feeling frustrated that he couldn't find it. So I suggested we pray about it. As we were praying, for some reason I opened my eyes before I was finished the prayer, and when I opened them, there the appliance was- right before my eyes! It was on the floor, nestled between a number of plastic bags. So it was in a place where it was barely visible. Praise God for his goodness. I know this is something small, but I pray it will be an encouragement to someone today, whose facing something which is much more challenging, that God is a prayer answering God. He has graciously answered a number of these types of prayers over the years.

Also, there was a time, a number of years ago, when he showed his protection in Eric's life. My wife and I were attending a church family camp service, during the summer, and before the end of the service she whispered to me that she thought we should leave the service early. So we did, and headed to where Eric was being looked after, in the kid's program. Now what did we see when we headed there ? We found Eric (then 3 years old) walking by himself on the road.....!! Somehow, he had managed to get out of the building where the kids were having their program, during the time when the caregivers had taken the kids upstairs for a restroom break.

Praise God, for how He had spoken to my wife, about needing to leave the service, and how He had protected Eric, during the time he was on the road.

In Jesus,

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 Re: an answered prayer

In spite of so many things being credited to coincidence, I find this very uplifting.

God bless you.

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