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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Are my dreams from the Lord and my girlfriend as well?

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 Are my dreams from the Lord and my girlfriend as well?

Hi I'm new on this site and I've been thinking about this past year since the beginning. Well ever since 2008 I've had great weird feelings about the next couple years would be the good years of my life. By the way I'm
sixteen. So 2009 went by and it seem okay I guess. That's when I started getting closer to the lord more and more often. I really wanted a gf through all those years on 2008 I had a feeling 2011 would be the best year ever. 2010 comes and it seem pretty okay I always prayed to the God that I wanted to feel loved by someone else since I saw happy highschool couples or just adult couples am stuff and I would always feel down. I know I'm too young about relationships and should focus in school which I am but still I needed that company. In September of that year (2010) I began alot of writing and posted my stories on a site called fan fiction. So i got tired of trying to find a gf my sister told me the Lord will you give you a girlfriend when it's time. So I took her word and just focus on school October came
and that's when the strange things started to happen. So I messaged this girls story. I didn't expect a reply back. But she did so we had a small conversation I was helpin her on writing her story and such. She stops contacting me. A month later she tells me hi how was I doing and stuff. So we forget about stories and get to know each other. The second week of gettin to know her I began having strange dreams. The first time it was me being inside a hotel room by myself just fixing the bed and stuff. I wake up shake it off and the next night I see that girl I was talking to in my dream the same hotel room but this time my arms were around her and she we were both asleep. The next morning I wake up and I'm thinking about these strange dreams. Why are they happening so again I forget about it and continue talking to her . The last and final dream happens same hotel room
same positions me and the girl were in only this time the door was open and her mom was there smiling. So I wake and I freak out because I didn't have a picture of this girl nor her mom. So then after a month we become a couple since it's a long distance relationship. This is my first girlfriend ever. So were waiting for a day to see each other. I pray to God that hopefully soon we can see each other. She then tells me that Shes going to Arizona (I live in California she lives in Indiana) so I was afraid of telling my parents if they let me go visit her. I didn't say anything then I started having weird things in my head sometimes of seein us each other holding hands in Arizona and such and I do end up visitng her. Me and her are still a couple 8 months long. And she's everything I ever prayed for the Lord if I was to have a girlfriend. Were all
this dreams from the Lord? Did the Lord sent this girl for me?

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 Re: Are my dreams from the Lord and my girlfriend as well?...[rumspringa]

"I know I'm too young about relationships and should focus in school which I am but still I needed that company."...Kvng

All I can recall about my 16th year is raging hormones..discovering that I had a will, and an identity, and bouncing off the walls kind of hormones...directed toward anything feminine and love.

I get your passion, and God made us to be fruitful, and to multiply....but in His time, and in His way. This means , in a nutshell, under His Lordship. Marriage is a holy thing, proper and right...but as much as it can be Heaven on earth, and fully satisfying our natures to love and mate, it can be Hell on Earth, and very painful.

One thing I see in your letter, though there are passing references to "The Lord"...but a casual deference to actually obeying Him; submitting to Him. Yes...He is Lord...but that only benefits a soul who makes Him a personal Lord that he obeys, with a personal Spirit that actually lives inside.

It also appears that you are on your own. I hear nothing about your father, or mother, Pastor or church who ought to be counselling you in these matters..[ if you would listen if they did...]..not the peer blogs or chat rooms that evidently do.

Are you born again? I see a lot of soul desire, that you may be interpreting as the Holy Spirit,that you may be receiving as to endorse your passion.

I think that you are on thin ice....and may be making some decisions that will hurt you, and others. My counsel is to cry out to Jesus that He might reveal Himself to you, and turn toward Him. He will make up the difference of strength that you lack....and then pray for real Christians to come your way.

You seem to me to be wandering. Are you Reformed? and on your "rumspringa" ...[ the Pennsylvania Dutch word for "running around" ] This is an evil practice in my mind..and very destructive, and most unscriptural. I cannot imagine born-again parents doing this to their children.

You, though, have a responsibility to love him, and to be holy. It is my prayer that you find Him, and understand that He wants you....and that He is Holy. There is an enemy....THE WORLD....THE FLESH...THE DEVIL.

You are in one of those camps now...but it doesn't mean that God doesn't have His hand on you. Mercies to you...Kvng.

Jesus said; "You must be born again!" Is that real? you think?...We are here to say , "Yes! It is."

 2011/8/24 5:50

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 Re: Are my dreams from the Lord and my girlfriend as well?


I strongly recommend the following teachings on Biblical courtship:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

In Christ,

 2011/8/24 8:58Profile


Hold on, hold on, hold on...

You're 16? So in 2008 you were 13 and looking for a girlfriend? Yikes... where are your parents?

There are those on this forum who may attempt to interpret your dreams. DO NOT listen to them. I do not believe there is anything spiritual about your dreams at all.

What you need is not an interpretation of your dreams, or someone to decipher if the dreams are from the Lord or whatever…

What you need is a cold shower.

You need to forget about girls and get serious about the Lord and your education. A girl will come along in due time, but right now you need to deny yourself and seek the Lord. A girl can, and often does, become an idol in your life and at 16 (and 13) you are not old enough or mature enough to handle it physically. The earlier you get into a relationship before adulthood the less likely it will remain pure.

If you are a believer you need to stop with listening to all the feelings and goosebumps and butterflies… they are not from God. They are called endorphins. Stop paying attention to your dreams, they are caused by testosterone (hormones).

And a note to everyone else on SI… be VERY careful what advice you give to young people on here. It is extremely rare for a teenager to be able to maturely process the plethora of advice that can come from people on a site like this. Especially those of you who think you might want to attempt to “interpret” his dreams for him. Your advice might be completely Biblical, but one misworded sentence can send them off in the wrong direction.


PS: I am the father of two teenage boys. I know what I am talking about.

 2011/8/24 9:28

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 Re: Are my dreams from the Lord and my girlfriend as well?

Ah Little Brother welcome to the teenage emotions,

I was the same way I'm afraid, I didn't have weird dreams or anything but I did fall into the long distance relationship trap. I am a former youth pastor and so I must ask this one question that many youth despite because from I give my councel, Is this girl a Christian and does she show the same passion for Jesus you mentioned?

If no end it and focus your attention on other things. If yes I would end it for now until you are old enough for those kind of relationships. I had some long distance relationships that lasted years never leading to actually going and meeting the girls I dated online but what I found was its so easy to be decieved over the internet, she could send you pictures of herself and its not even her.

Your dreams are a thing of the head and unfortunately you will only see what you want to see and that is the true danger of "young love" luckily for you it is long distance I have seen many teens throw themselves into lust for the person and blindly be destroyed by their actions. It can all happen over the internet.

When I was in college I was surrounded by all sorts of girls that would have been happy to date me but I never did, my second year of college I prayed to the Lord, I don't care if I am single all my life or if I am married I just want to serve you all of my days and if I need a wife to do this then you know what is best." About a month later I met my wife and we were eventually married.

Another caution with dating especially long distance dating is the danger of alienation of friends and family, when I was dating people online all I ever did was talk to the girl over the phone or internet rejecting and neglecting the very people that Love me the most.

If you are looking for companionship look to the Lord Jesus Christ, or Is He not good enough?

Matthew Guldner

 2011/8/24 10:18Profile


When I was in college I was surrounded by all sorts of girls that would have been happy to date me comment, well, I do have a comment but I will keep it to myself. lol

You're not the Old Spice guy, are you?



 2011/8/24 11:09

Joined: 2010/6/26
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To all:

I'd like to remind everyone who reads this thread that this guy is asking a genuine question, and is opening himself up in a step of faith. Let us be very careful how we respond, making sure that whatever we say is said in love and gentleness. Otherwise, we may just make him bitter and have the opposite effect than what we desire.

He is looking for guidance, so let us avoid a condescending, disrespectful, or denigrating attitude.

In Christ,

 2011/8/24 11:51Profile


I retract what I said here... :-)


 2011/8/24 11:55

Joined: 2010/6/26
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Why did you feel singled out? The comment was for everyone.

If you want to share more about this, I would be happy to do so in private. I do not resent you; I love you. Please e-mail me at [email protected]

Love in Christ,

 2011/8/24 12:07Profile

Joined: 2008/9/8
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Krispy! - Well Said!!!

I completely agree with the wise words you put across to this brother and everyone!

I feel the same way and think the same way as you! And I think there is lot of wisdom in what you said!

Women/Girls can distract a Man who wants to follow the Lord faithfully.

If someone is only 16, then surely (in my opinion) he must not be thinking about a girl. It is a wonderful thing if a young man keeps his mind & heart devoted to the Lord alone in all his youthful years.

"The Love of the youth is to be given to Jesus Alone"!!

And regarding Dreams etc... I am sure there is lot of material on this site that one can gain/learn from.


 2011/8/24 14:46Profile

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