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 A Call to California Churches

The Lord Bless All siants, my call is for any church in California that will be attending the revival conference Oct 21,22 looking for any brothers that are plug inn to sermonindex. Please brother i have been looking for a church that has biblical point of view of what a church should be, first being called a House of Prayer and found in Biblical grounds, I'm looking for a church in Orange County that is found in PRAYER and keeps on praying and with an emphasis on prayer. please help


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 Re: A Call to California Churches

You would be much better with the church found in love. May the Lord lead you to such brothers who would love God and you.

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 Re: A Call to California Churches

Jesus said the following words: "It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves." (Matthew 21:13). Prayer should be the #1 priority in any church, but often it is not given much emphasis. In many churchs prayer is looked at as a ministry that only the elderly can do because they can't do much of anything else. In many large churches the pastor and staff are too busy to pray.



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ok, I'll take both love and prayer.

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I do not know anything about revival conference Oct 21,22,that is not what i pay attention to.
BUT I do have burden to pray for this call - Prayer movement in end time.
you might also pray for Korean American churches in orange county , as I know they are the churches with early morning (5:00 AM up) prayers meeting daily 365 day no exception.

as I know Korean American churches in orange county are praying church now. I believe God will raise up many praying churches not only among korean american.

in prayers, I felt GOD remind me to pray for them, God will use Korean American chruches mightly,
praying churches will walk wtih God closely and listen to GOD closely.

there is one vineyard Church in mission vejoe,orange county , Vineyard community church (VCC), they are planning to have 24/7 prayer meeting.

or try Newsong Church pastoring by Dave Gibbons (they are not praying church yet, but is going to be)

if you have any question please go to

international house of prayer in KC, MO.

12 years , they are doing 24/7 day/night prayers meeting. no interruption. God bless you

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