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 Obama's Muslim Faith


 2011/8/22 16:55Profile

 Re: Obama's Muslim Faith

This is the "DOMINION THEOLOGY" to be aware of!!

Thanks for posting this. Amazing how the obvious gets little or no response yet other things seem so much more important.

God bless, John

 2011/8/24 6:51

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Thank you for posting this. Much of what he said were lies. Islam has offered little in the way of our cultural history. You strip them of their oil and they don't have a lot to show. No innovations or companies that are on the breaking edge of technology. Obama having the evil audacity to suggest Israel give up land won in the 1967 war was horrifying to hear. How he votes at the U.N. this September could have immediate repercussions for The States. It has been prophesied that if Obama divides Israel there will be a major earthquake down the center of America. Pray for him.

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It has been prophesied that if Obama divides Israel there will be a major earthquake down the center of America.

Hope not I live in the central part :-S

Matthew Guldner

 2011/8/25 5:10Profile

 God set Obama here .

Thanks for posting this. As Americans we need to address this unwelcome truth about our President, in that it is no secret that Islam...the roots of Islam...are sworn enemies to every Christian on the Earth. I heard him state that he learned to pray as a boy from Islam..[ evidently quite devoted..] and on his "Islamic" tour, bowing to the Mullahs and Saudi princes, the terms he used in Arabic were terms of Lordship unto Allah....meaning that there is One God, and Only One God, and Allah is his holy name.

This is the one and same Saudia Arabia that has beheaded young girls and boys for converting to Christ, and has butchered many a Pastor in the Lord.

It seems to me, worthy to consider that Obama is busy dismantling America, deconstructing her, in treasure, and political and military power and influence. I, personally, do not believe that these act are unconscious reactions to his socialists leanings, but determined, stemming from his Islamic Fascist Faith; IE, that the entire world should bow to Allah by way of Sharia.

America must go, before Israel can be touched, and then, the entire world is like a plum in the Muslim hand. I do think that the Anti-Christ, and the false prophet, will stem from Islam. Upon the inauguration of Obama, Rick Warren prayed in the name of ISA. On the surface, Isa is Jesus, but upon examination, it certainly is not.

"Jesus did not die on the Cross, but a phantom was killed in his place." Koran: Surah 4:157 Surah 3:55...The Muslim Isa.....

All true Muslims are waiting for their Messiah, the 12th Mahdi Imam. The President of Iran, the man-prince of Persia, is very publicly stirring up chaos in the current Arab spring to prepare for this anti-Christ figure to come. They believe that he will be given power over the entire earth...and so do I. Obama knows this, and I believe has his faith entrenched there, and realizes the amazing position he is in as the most powerful man on Earth, as a disciple to his god.

God set Obama in place, not man. I think, to judge Babylon, and help facilitate the Trial that shall come upon the all of Earth; the Time of Jacobs sorrow; the great Tribulation when the anti-christ dictates worship of himself under the penalty of death. It is interesting that this is already set up in several Muslim countries today, isn't it?

"Babylon is FALLEN!" Babylon is the west, stemming filth from Rome, that has oozed into every fabric of ours, and Europe's society. Murder..[consider Abortion and 400million innocent babies killed already..], Theft..[ the banking spirit.], Fornication and immorality and Sorcery and drugs. Her seat is New York city, L. A., Paris and Amsterdam,,[ etc.] and she is judged, and destroyed.

 2011/8/25 9:38

 Re: God set Obama here .

It has been prophesied that if Obama divides Israel there will be a major earthquake down the center of America.

Chapter and verse, please.


 2011/8/25 11:01

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 Re: Obama's Muslim Faith

I think that why so many people cannot believe and are shocked by something so obvious as this is because they cannot come to grips with the fact that the USA government as a whole is TOTALLY corrupt, as are all kingdoms of the world. Never were words truer spoken, "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely." It is amazing that they will try to deny and cover up someone's religion because it hurts them politically. That's some devotion ya' got there, Obama!

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