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 House of Horror: North Korea's Secret Prison Camps
This was just posted by Voice of the Martyrs on Facebook.
"Please take a few minutes to watch this 7 minute video about horrific conditions happening in North Korea.
In this video you'll learn a little bit about Kwanliso or Re-education Center No. 15. Also known as Yodok where it is believed at least 50,000 people are inside.
Please keep North Korea in your prayers." - VOM

Voice of the Martyrs also has a small book called "Restricted Nations: North Korea" you can get here:

I don't know why, but out of all the persecuted nations North Korea grieves me the most. I don't know why God has put such a burden in me for them and the Christians there. Please, please join me in praying for them.

In Christ,


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 Re: House of Horror: North Korea's Secret Prison Camps

Yes. The book is a brief but informative history of the gospel in Korea.

Thanks Veronica



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Will pray Veronica.

God is giving me a burden as well. I pray for even more of a burden though for our dear brothers and sisters who are being persecuted all over and those who are still lost, so I can pray with His heart, with His passion and so my prayers will go up as a strong incense to Him and we will see Him do great and mighty things.

Bless you dear sister for your heart so pure for our Lord and the things of Him.

God will arise and we will see His enemies be scattered as long as we live holy before Him and continue to pray.

Praying also for the two hikers sentenced to prison in Iran and the horrible floods in India, Myanmar, Bangladesh as well. That God will use this opportunity to show Himself strong and mighty and that many will call upon Him in this time of trouble. Giving Him all glory. Amen

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 Re: All

We will be praying for N. Korea and other persecuted countries on a conference call tonight at 8pm central time. The call is open to any saint with a heart for the persecuted. Call number is 712.432.0031. Access code is 452614#.


 2011/8/20 17:57

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Thanks for the update Veronica. I desperately needed it.


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 Re: House of Horror: North Korea's Secret Prison Camps

Thank you for caring Veronica!

Right now the president of Korea is meeting in Russia with their president.

Things are moving fast in this world now - and as we pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters - they are praying for US to have the strength to get through what will happen to us as well. We need to keep these things in mind. Are we ready to stand for Christ, as these Saints are doing, in these persecuting nations?
We need to know where we stand now and not wait to find out as it happens. In most countries, it will happen almost over-night - normally on the heels of any type of crisis situation. Where there have been and are revolts going on in these recent months - it has been Christians who are being attacked and it's not making the News, except for the few orgs that are getting the word out.

Thank you again Sis.
May we be found faithful unto the end and praying for one another, world-wide. He will honor that caring.

 2011/8/20 23:55

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