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I don`t say they took it once - it was to be every time they ate, together waiting for three days for the Lord to return from death. After then He did eat with them yet He had said that He would eat no more until His kingdom had come. It had. They were in it.

Again, if they were not to partake of this sacrament after this then why does Paul spend so much time instructing them how to do it properly??


 2011/8/24 7:50

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Thanks Veronica,

I listened and was blessed, I am glad a saw it though because I honestly have stopped popping in on this thread. But thank you for sharing :)

Matthew Guldner

 2011/8/24 9:34Profile


Half a chapter amongst all of his letters is not a lot of time to me. Most of the time he was teaching the real meaning - ie not taking it.

 2011/8/24 12:57


Whenever someone says "the REAL meaning" ... I get nervous.

Basically if I understand this correctly, I should read the Bible at face value... and then do the complete opposite of what it says, and then I will be living according to God's will. Because the REAL meaning is not what it actually says... it's opposite.

...or something like that. :-)


 2011/8/24 13:11

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