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 Encountering Planned Parenthood

I've encountered some paid workers of Planned Parenthood on streetcorners several times over the last few years and after some recent encounters I gathered a few things that I thought might be helpfull for others to share here. The paid workers are out soliciting contributions to fund the organisation.

Because of some recent legislation, they are greeting people with the pitch of helping defend health care for women. They say 'defending health care' because their organisation which offers many services(for reproductivve health) has been targeted for defunding by the Federal Government, and because of that women's healthcare is in danger.

It is dishonest(which you can point out) to put the situation in those terms. Obviously politicians are not 'against' women's health care. The organisation planned parenthood, which performs abortions as well as all those other services, was/is targeted to lose federal funding, not women's health care in general.

I have pointed out then, that, in my opinion, if Planned Parenthood is genuinely interested in providing health care services for women, they are doing themselves a diservice by being so adament about providing abortion services as well, which many Americans object to, and would not want their tax dollars to support.

At this point, they have uniformly responded that abortions comprise only 3% of the total services that Planned Parenthood provides.

My response has been this: that if a great multitude of debris and dust was falling from the sky, and only 3% of it were boulders, that 3% would still be a huge problem. And for many Americans, abortion is the same.

The last time I spoke with a solicitor for them, I decided to ask them how that 3% breaksdown: how do the services they provide breakdown with abortion included. He was happy to help me and flipped the page on his paper or book to some statistics. What he showed me was staggering:

According to to their own statistics he showed me, that 3% of services that abortion comprises, amounted to(as I recall it),

about 10,000 abortions*.

In south eastern Pennsylvania alone.

I asked him, you mean to say that 10,000 is in South Eastern Pennsylvania alone???

He said yes.

I said, yes. That's alot isn't it.


That's alot of boulders.

* edit: this was in one year's time

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Encountering Planned Parenthood

Thanks for the information Chris. There was a PP facility not far from my house but thank God they have closed down. The state of Arizona imposed some restrictions on abortions a few years ago, the courts have held it up.

The Arizona law;

Imposes a 24-hour-wait before the slaughter commences;

Requires "doctors" to tell women about risks and alternatives;

Strengthens a parental approval law;

Exempts health care providers who consider snuffing out unborn life wrong from dispensing "emergency contraception."

It's certainly not all that we would like to see but if it saves one life it's worth it.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Encountering Planned Parenthood

which many Americans object to, and would not want their tax dollars to support.

If many Americans feel strong about this why is there 4000+ unborn children killed everyday in LEGALLY in the United States. Many is obviously not enough. We are far from a Christian Nation for it we were our fruit would certainly look different.

And I enjoyed your boulder analogy but would replace boulders with radioactive waste, simply because abortion doesn't even have to touch you and it can greatly effect you and those around you.

Out of curiousity do they provide counseling for the suicidal mothers to be once she realizes what she's done?

Matthew Guldner

 2011/8/19 2:05Profile

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