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"I saw youtube video of him promoting a book he wrote that basically took the time to explain that Jesus never claimed to be the messiah and so the Jews didn't really reject him or know they were rejecting the Messiah."

Brother, when I was involved with the Word of faith teaching, I spent many hours listening to the teachings of Kenneth Hagin. We even took vacations in Tulsa where the the July Campmeetings were held. I never heard Kenneth Hagin ever make a statement that "Jesus never claimed to be the messiah". What is the name of the book in which he supposedly made that statement?

Brother Mike I found out later that it wasn't Kenneth Hagin that wrote the book about Israel and for that I apologize. I found out it was actually John Hagee, its called In Defense of Israel, look it up on youtube if you wish. But again I humbly apologize about it I have no desire to be a false witness against anyone. I simply got the two individuals mixed up.

Matthew Guldner

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Brother Matt , I appreciate your humble spirit, and for seArching out the truth on this matter.
John Hagee did indeed make some false statements concerning the Jewish people. They need Jesus to be saved like we all do. Mike


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Jesus' human body died. His spirit did not.

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 Re: Kenneth Hagin Sr.’s Renouncement of Word-Faith Teachings.

The real damage was done by Hagins health and healing gospel.
where was his repentance for this. While Hagin said he had not been sick since being raised from his sick bed at 16 years old, he had 4 major cardiovascular failures.Hagin suffered 4 separate episodes of heart-crisis in 1939, 1942, 1949, and 1973. Kenneth Hagin died Sept. 23.2003 Hagin had been hospitalized in a cardiac intensive care unit since Sept. 14, when he collapsed at home. Cause of death cardiovascular disease.

E.W Kenyon die in a coma of cancer.
John Olsteen (Joels dad) die of kidney failure with a
R.W. Schambach the favorite healing revivalist of WOF
crowd had quad bypass surgery
Fred Price's wife got cancer and was treated medically
Charles Capps wife got cancer and was treated medically Jamie Buckingham wrote “I'm healed” In charisma Magazine and a several months later died of cancer. Jamie was under a medical doctors care.
Kathryn Kuhlman, died of heart failure in 1976
Joyce Meyer treated for breast cancer

Why did these WOF preachers not call on Oral Roberts or Benny HInn?? Maybe they know their gospel is false


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 A fly in the perfume.

I want to consider the fact that deception almost never comes wearing horns; it is most always subtle, almost unnoticeable...just a floating, opaque myst. Yet, there is poison in the cloud. It is a mixture of light and shadows.

I believe that Kenneth Hagin was a sincere Christian man...who bit on the wrong apple. I cannot imagine that he was lost in the end..[ though it is not up to me...TY Jesus!] I think he was a saved man, and I will see him in heaven.

One of the things not mentioned is RHEMA BIBLE COLLEGE...which was definetly a BIBLE WORD college, with good fruit. I have known graduates that love God, and are going on with the Lord. Hagin of course, founded Rhema. WIKI below...

"Hagin founded RHEMA Bible Training Center (RBTC) in 1974.

The curriculum is taught from a Charismatic/Pentecostal heritage. There are seven ministry concentrations specializing in Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Missions, Biblical Studies, and Supportive Ministry.

RBTC has also established training centers in Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, the South Pacific, Thailand, Nigeria, Zambia, and Egypt.

After Hagin's death in 2003, his son Kenneth W. Hagin continued to run the institution. RBTC has trained approximately 30,000 graduates who reside and minister in more than 100

The thing about the Holy Spirit that I that He strengthens, He convicts, and if He dwells in go on with God. Just because their was a fly in the ointment, it doesn't mean that you stink makes life a lot better without the buzz. Jesus decides.

 2011/8/21 10:48

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