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 China Cracking Down On Christians

“China tolerates Christian church services,” writes former Time magazine correspondent David Aikman, ”but only within the narrow boundaries of theology and church life dictated by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, which oversees two church umbrella groups, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and, for Protestants, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM).”

Aikman, who spent decades covering China — and who speaks fluent Chinese — worries in an article for American Roundtable about the fate of China’s millions of Christians. Some say China has more Christians than any other nation.
“Estimates of the number of Christians in China vary widely, ranging from the Three-Self figure of about 20 million for its own churches to that of outside observers who say the total is as high as 130 million. The reason? Most Chinese Christians belong to unofficial house churches like Shouwang, ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/8/15 9:46Profile

 Re: China Cracking Down On Christians

We must remember that Satan is the one who is behind the Cbineese persecutions. Any time the believers of Christ are active in sharing their faith the enemy counter attacks mainly through persecution. The amazing thing this is often the time the church.explodes in growth. This has happened in China, Iran, Eritreaa, etc. Tertullian, an early church historian wrote to one of the Roman emperors,. He said that "we grow stronger when we are mowed down by you. The blood of the martyr is the seed of the church." The persecuted church in China wi emerge victorious.

Yet I must ask where is the outrage and concern for the persecuted. I see what happens to these posts. This thread will have a short llfe. Whenever something is posted about the persecuted the thread might stay up a week. And that in itself is a miracle. I have seen threads run about doctrinal issues for weeks. Yet we ignore the persecuted. Why? Can somebody tell me why is doctrinal debate more important than the lives of our brothers and sisters?

It is estimated that every 3 minutes someone is martyred for Christ. On average about 300 to 400 believers a day are laid on the alter of Christ. In a given year 200,000 believers die for Christ. Does anybody grasp what I am saying????

Edmond Burke, a noted Brittish stateman, said in order for evil to triumph is for a few good men to do nothing. Are their not a few believers who will raise their cry and prayers for the persecuted?

I have respect for those believers who will speak out on the abortion issue. There are believers who will pray and are passionate about Israel. Yet our voices are strangley silent regarding the persecuted.

I know, I know. Our lives and our doctrine are far more important than our brothers and sisters in China or Eritrea. I fear the Church in the west will be silent while more people are martyred. The German Lutheran church was silent while Hitler slaughtered thr Jews. A German pastor by the name of Deitrch Bonhoffer spoke
out. He paid with his life. Another Lutheran pastor by the name of Richard Wormbrandt spoke out against the persecution of believers by the communist in Romania. He paid with torture and imprisonment for his boldnes.

Has anyone heard of Raul Wallenberg? He was a gutsy Swedish diplomat who saved the lives of many Jews during the second world war. He was arrested by the Russians and never heard from again.

The above names I mentioned are remembered. They stood against evil. The silent are never remembrred. Wi you be pne of the few to raise yoir voice for the persecuted?

Blaine Scogon

 2011/8/15 14:00

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