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He was against the full preaching of the cross that is, entire sanctification but he did preach forgiveness for sinners so Wesley would support that. I would not but seemingly Wesley did. He is not God.

 2011/8/19 6:38


George Fox was not GOD neither.

To come on here this morning and see another thread about what the Scriptures say - and now about "communion" and ArtB asking why we can't keep the Mosaic Law, etc etc it's becoming almost maddening. Grieves to tears that His Word is being torn apart - so that HE is being torn from limb to limb here with what "men" have taught - Not His Word.

Paul said to Not Go Beyond What Is Written So THAT we won't prefer one man's teachings over another's.

We've left GOD's commands to be "led by His Spirit of Truth" John 16:13 and we're sitting here arguing over what our favorite teacher says.

ArtB - why would you ask why we can't follow the Mosaic Laws when you spend so much time telling us we're not under it anymore - which we are not.

Why do we argue over verses like this? - 1Co 11:26 For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death Till He Come.

He's not saying that the Gentiles need to observe "Passover" and you won't go to Hell if you don't observe what He's written in this verse above - but what does that verse say to us?

Then we take other things, like foot-washing and make that a law - when that was just a lesson by Jesus that if our Master did the work of a Servant - than who are we to not be servants to each other instead of desiring to be masters over one another.
They washed feet as a custom because they wore sandals and the roads were dusty.

About "entire" Sanctification - Read Phil 3:7-15.

About obeying what is written - plenty of verses about following His Commandments as proof to Him that we love Him, have already been posted.

It's not all outward shows - it's a heart condition of Love and obedience to His Spirit and Word - living up to the Light that we already have from both, His Spirit and His Word and that's why many don't Study the Word and rather pick the teacher of our choosing - because studying His Word with His Spirit and no preconceived ideas from anywhere else may show where the love is waxing cold or where there's something caught up in some will-worship or traditions or some man's teachings etc that we don't want to let go of.

Even those who say "Sola Scriptura" aren't. Forever quoting some man and GOD help us to stop quoting men and start getting His WORD into our hearts for the strength it will give in the days ahead.

If we don't learn John 16:13 and get what we believe directly from His Spirit - how will we be "led of the Spirit" in other things besides our doctrines?
It may probably be a matter of "life or death" to know His Voice in the future, as the days become more perilous. If we can't hear His Voice/The Spirit of Truth now, through His Word alone, about His Doctrines/Teachings/Commandments - how will we get through unto the end without that Same Voice during tribulations?

If there were ever a verse that's needed now more than any other teaching in His Word it's this - Joh 16:13 Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, "He will guide you into all truth": for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: "and He will shew you things to come." ....... that's for Every child of GOD - not some elite class.

GOD have mercy on us.

 2011/8/19 12:30

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whifield wasnt againsts the full preaching of the cross

maby you should cheak out 30 or 40 sermons of his berfor you make your mind

he planted and weasly watered

he was an evangelest that was his gifting

what i cant understand jesus is god
is that your againsts us quoting other saints

but you say its ok to quote your owns thoughts as some how they are better then quoting others thoughts and words

how is that what you say is more imortant then them are you saying you are mush wiser then weasly and others ike that

and can you give scripture to suport that we should not learn from others

i dont see any scripture to suport that line of thinking

about the new topics i haven look at them yet except for the communion topic

 2011/8/20 2:15Profile

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wher does it say in the new covernent to studdy the letters of the newstament and the old scripture ,and disregard teachers and pasters

that is what you are saying ,where is this writtern

 2011/8/20 2:18Profile

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