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 Praises to our Heavenly Father

I can only be in Awe of our Heavenly Father and how much He cares for us so very much and cares for even the smallest things in our daily lives.

I have been praying for several family members who were in ungodly relationships. And two and possibly three have been answered. Now I pray the Lord will turn their eyes and hearts towards Him, that they will see their need for a Savior and the love of the Savior. I pray You will open their eyes and turn their hearts mighty God.

Lately I had asked about a movie of Moses with sound doctrine, if there was one for an asking family member. But wanted to have him read the Bible. Not sure if he has one. I have handed out Bible after Bible to my family only to have them lost or something, but not read. God's timing is so perfect and His is not mine. Mine is NOW His is PERFECT!

Also, lately I have said we can see more of our Heavenly Father's provisions and miracles when we have little of our own.

So, as I was praying this morning for this young man and his daughter the H.S. reminded me of the two Bibles I still had on the shelf that I had purchased at St. Vincents to hand out downtown. So, I jumped up and took a look at them. Glory to God! They were in perfect condition and the one was for a young person. Giving God all the praises. So I shall mail them and I feel he will read it as he has come up with an interest. Oh, open his eyes as he reads and let him see You Heavenly Father. No one can see without You. Praise Your Holy Name.

He knew when I bought them who they would be for. And I got to see the Heavenly Father be His awesome self. If I had the funds I would have gone out and purchased Bibles on my own and maybe missed a chance to see our Father work!

Another awesome thing that took place. There was an invitation to a prayer meeting in my area and I was so thrilled to pray and meet with other intercessors for possible fellowship with true believers. And as I went for directions on google map the Church where it was held came up. I looked a bit further and it was a Church that was heavy involved with the Bethel church in Redding Calif. etc. I was so disappointed and even angry at how deceptive things are getting now. I just wanted to go and get washed in the Word after that. The awesome part was the Lord protected me. I never left my house, I didn't have to go several miles & then get into it and find out etc. He was faithful to show me right away it was false & He exposed it and protected me. I am humbled and give Him all the praise for looking after us as He does.

All glory to our God for He is so faithful and so close. Draw near to God and He will draw near to us. Seek Him while He can be found. When we seek Him with our whole heart we will find Him. He is so close. It only takes a broken & honest heart & He will be there.

A whole series of Keith Green singing live. The words are amazing. I pray this was okay to post. If not please forgive me and feel free to delete. I am so blessed by this worship from Keith Green.

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 Re: Praises to our Heavenly Father

I am absolutely amazed by the Goodness of our God!
Praise Jesus!
The Lamb of God is Perfect!
HE is so wonderful!


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 Re: Praises to our Heavenly Father

I have a young 14 year old who got himself in trouble a real rebel & was adamant there was no God. In fact he posted on my FB wall while I was in OKLA that "Jesus Is Not Real" while I was not looking and didnt see it for a week.

Our God is so very faithful to hear our prayers and the cry of our hearts as he is being held in OKLA City right now a Pastor came to visit him. An answer to prayer - that God would bring godly people into his life to share Jesus with him for a long time. Anwyay, the Lord did it. A Pastor came and last night he called his Mother and told her, "I know Jesus is real now and I am reading my Bible".

You can imagine the rejoicing in my heart and the praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. Now please pray for this boy, Silas, that the seeds of understanding and love will grow deep. He has 2 weeks with this Pastor then off to military school and we are praying that the Lord will follow up and bring him a godly man to mentor him and fellowship with. He has never met his real dad but talked to him once and his dad said he didnt have time for him now but maybe when he grew up. So, having this Pastor is such a blessing.

Giving all humble praises to our faithful Father for all He is and will do in Silas' life and that the Lord will pour out His Spirit upon the youth of this day and age and bring them to Himself. Silas is one of 5 brothers all who need the love of our Heavenly Father. We have prayed for his older brother here and God came through in a mighty way.

And please pray for his younger brother who two days ago broke his arm literally in half and has had to have surgery before they can even put a cast on. Solomon will call upon the Lord in his pain. Praise His Holy Name.
All glory to God for He is worthy of all glory. And blessing to each one as we hold each other up in prayer for our lives and our families. Our God is faithful. Amen

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Praise G’d for working in their life’s!

Will surely pray for the boys.
(They have biblical names even)
Pray for the brothers as well

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