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Craig you said "Sometimes the Lord would even reveal to me who was going to win college football games."

Craig, the Lord does not act like this, if so then one could make a lot of money in betting, encouraging worldliness. It is exposure to temptation rather than being kept from it. Also you say that you do not experience the ebbs and flows which others speak about and which is depicted in Song of Songs, as the way of the Lord in bringing His beloved souls into deeper communion with Himself.

Saying this as carefully as I can, but when one is experiencing things which are outside the remit of normal Christiasn experience, then one must test the spirits. The enemy hides behind beautiful thoughts and often beautiful feelings so that even the elect are fooled, and the most obvious sign that one is being deceived is to think that one cannot be.

Another thing that stands out for me is when you say that you were in serious sin during this time of closeness to the Lord, and this cannot be.

I say this for your benefit not to attack you.

 2011/8/11 5:13


Umm... I agree with krautfrau on this.

I coach football. I wish God would reveal the outcome of football games to me!

Seriously tho, test the spirits, as kraut said. Be careful what you attribute to God.

And it's impossible to be living in serious unrepentance and be close to the Lord. No way. Not saying you lose your salvation because thats an impossibility... but the intamcy can be gone.


 2011/8/11 9:01

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"Not saying you lose your salvation because thats an impossibility..."

You may want to read through scripture some more on that one

Robert Richtsmeier

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"Only last year did the Lord finally back away from me in judgment and anger after I refused to let go of this horrible sin problem in my life that was repeated over 500 times. I have not experienced those dry times or whatever they are that everybody else is talking about."


The Lord will chasten His own children. The chastisement of the Lord is for our own good, and any good parent will discipline his children. I thank God for the chastisement of the Lord in my own life. Brother, no Christian ought to play with sin because we are under the covenant of grace. In my own experience, anytime that I have sinned after I was a Christian, there was nothing but unrest and misery in my life. I would run to Jesus after each failure. The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin that is repented of and confessed. From God's side He doesn't even remember the sin again, but from our side there is a battle that takes place in our soul after any act of disobedience because willful sin opens the door to the powers of darkness. The enemy will lie to you and tell you that you have committed the unpardonable sin. He will tell you that God is angry with you and that you will never be used by the Lord again. He will tell you that your joy and peace will never be restored because of your sin. Brother, these are all lies, and the only way that these lies can be overcome is that we would take hold of the truth of God's Word. God's presence, peace and joy will be restored as we believe and appropriate the promises of God.



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You may want to read through scripture some more on that one

Gee... I never thought of that. :-/

We're not going to get into that debate... suffice it to say that if "staying saved" depends on your efforts then your salvation is not of grace, it's of works.

It always amazes me that Christians will agree that they were not saved based on their efforts... and then turn around and say their efforts are what keep them saved. It's one or the other, but you cant have both.

Either nothing can seperate us from the love of God, or the Bible is a fairy tale and your faith is in vain and Jesus died for nothing...


 2011/8/11 10:09


Krautfrau, thanks for your comments, but I tell you as humbly as I can that you are wrong about some things. I know what has happened in my own life. You're right that after serious sin the Lord is not close. There was a 2-week "cycle of sin" in my life. The Holy Spirit would move away. I would be broken and feel horrible and ask the Lord to forgive me even one more time. I would become demonized and sick for 4 or 5 days. I would be like a vegetable. Then around day 7 or so, the Holy Spirit would come back with His closness and comfort. Around day 10 or 12 I was restored back to my normal self. It was in these days of "being normal" that the Lord would speak to me. He does indeed know who is going to win football games before they are even played. I want to talk to KK about this.

I am all too familar with the works of the enemy. I've had a demonic spirit in my soul for the last 34 years of my life that just plays random music in my mind all my waking hours. It is a nuisance spirit and I think the ruler demon is a demon of mockery. It came in when I was 20 years old after a period of extreme rebellion and anger towards the Lord. I know the voice of the enemy and I know the tender voice and comfort and revelation of the Holy Spirit. Believe me I know the difference.

KK, the Lord does indeed know who is going to win the football game before it is even played, and he did reveal that to me several times. I was very tempted to use it on betting, but I was very afraid to. There was a Vietname guy that worked across the bench from me in Seattle that had a bookie business. He was betting in the thousands. He was often amazed the next day that I had picked the winners correctly. He said that I should give him more information about games that I knew the outcome for sure.

I used to post a lot on the Univ of Cincinnati college football board a couple of years ago. I grew up in Cincinnati. Well after their very good undefeated season there was talk that head coach Brian Kelly would go to Notre Dame. One night around 0200, I was out talking a walk and I sat down at a park bench and asked the Lord if this head coach was really moving on. The Lord spoke to me very clearly that he had already accepted the job at Notre Dame. I posted this on the bulletin board in the midst of all the uproar that I now knew for sure that Coach Kelly was going to Notre Dame. They all wanted to know how I knew this. I did not have the courage to tell them the Holy Spirit revealed it to me. What I really wanted to do after that was reveal what the final score would be at the bowl game when they played Florida. I was going to post on the board that the Lord had revealed to me what the final score would be and that it would be a witness for everyone on the board to know the power of God and that He does indeed have close relationships with His children. I didn't stay sober (out of sin) long enough to get that far. You may think I'm a whack job, but I don't care. BTW, I never got around to asking the Lord what the final score would be, so I don't know if the Lord would have reveled this information to me or not. I only wanted to do it as a witness to the men that posted on that bulletin board.

No, I was afraid to ask the Lord this information for the purpose of betting on games. I feared that His Spirit would back away from me if I did this. Tell you what. Why don't you yourself ask the Lord if what I'm telling you is the truth or not? OK?

AbideinHim, thanks for your encouraging words brother. Yes the enemy always hits the young Christian with the "you've committed the unpardonable sin" thing. He is consistent. I certainly went through this between the ages of 20 and 22 or 23. It was a tormenting time in my life. I actually thought the Lord had abandoned me and condemned me to hell. I did not understand the love of God at the time. As a man who has suffered from demonic oppression/possession all my Christian life, I know the voice of the enemy and I know the voice of the Lord. My problems started with extreme rebellion as a teenager (against my dad's excessive authority) that really is the sin of witchcraft as the Bible describes rebellion. This is what caused me earnestly to seek the Lord will all my might. This is what cuased me to have such a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. My life has been like a spiritual battleground somewhat similar to what King Saul experienced.

I do so much hope you're right that the Lord's Spirit will return to me in the close intimate way He was present before. I have done very well in the sexual area recently. About 2 weeks ago, I just cried to the Lord with all my heart and soul and strength that I wanted a solution to the girl problem no matter what the cost. The Lord has changed my desires and honored my cries. But of course temptation is still there, and I must resist it. Thanks for listening and for your encouragement. The Lord bless you all. Craig

 2011/8/11 12:07


Craig the Lord indeed does know what the scores will be and the devil knows too. I have heard it said that he cannot know the future but I saw a fortune teller once and she told me things that happened, like she said I was pregnant and carrying a girl and there was no way she could have known, being only 2 months gone but also she said that I would marry again and told me details about the man which I did not think about until after the second marriage had taken place as I had forgotten about it.

You say that you know the voice of God but if you have demons you cannot be that much in control and the devil can immitate Gods voice. I am from a family involved in the occult so I know about these things. There is only one freedom and that is freedom from any ground of the enemy and that means all sin.

God would not expose His children to such things as fortelling games. I know you think I am wrong but listen to others here Craig for your own safety.

Also the way you are talking about your sexual sins - it is not right to go into detail about them as we are to only think of good things and not this sordid speaking.

 2011/8/11 12:20


krautfrau, that is interesting that the lady who was working through a demonic spirit could have knowledge about those things. Having this sin problem in my life did take away some of my confidence and boldness when the Lord would speak to me about things. I was reluctant to share what the Lord had revealed to me because I knew I could miss God too and would embarasses myself. I should have been more bold.

As far as the sexual stuff, please don't get religious on me. I wish I could talk about this subject only with men, but really most internet forums that are Christian ones have a majority of women posting on them. It would be helpful if we knew if posters were male or female on their personal info section.

krautfrau, I'm sure the Lord has forgiven you for going to the fortuneteller. There are thousands of other stories of Christian doing the same thing in a time of desperation. The Lord is willing to forgive. I was once tempted to do this as well during my early days of desperation when I was 20, but I was able to resist knowing that nothing could be gained from listening to a demonic spirit speak.

Well, I'm going to say I know for sure you think it was a demonic spirit speaking through the witch at Endor and not King Saul. See, I disagree with you on that. We will just have to disagree about some things.

 2011/8/11 12:38


Alright, here's the thread where I said that Brian Kelly would be the next head coach of Notre Dame. This is something that the Lord revealed to me. About 5 days later he did announce he was leaving for Notre Dame. I had posted on the board a few days earlier the 3 reason I thought Brian Kelly would not go to Notre Dame. In my own mind, it was all logical and well thought out to me. But when the Lord speaks, that is the end of the matter and it certainly trumps our own rational thinking. Notice that the poster cmm27, wants to know how I know this information? I did not have the courage to tell him the Holy Spirit revealed it to me. This is because people who post on internet sports boards tend to be rather anti-Christian, and I did not want to run the risk of embarassing myself in front of these men. Also, because of the sin issue in my life, I always had a nagging doubt that it was for certain the Lord even when I knew in my heart and in my spirit it really was the Lord.

I'm posting using the name "Endzone", and I posted this as 0216 CST when I got back from my walk early that morning. This is right after I went to the park bench to pray and seek the Lord as was part of my routine when I went out and walked--mostly as part of my diet to try and lose weight and to get some exercise. It was December and it was cool but not cold.

 2011/8/11 12:45

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Krautfrau wrote: Also the way you are talking about your sexual sins - it is not right to go into detail about them as we are to only think of good things and not this sordid speaking.

Craig this sister is absolutely correct in what she has shared with you. She is not being religious she is sharing truth with you. I will be praying for you, be very careful because the enemy looks for every chance to deceive.

God bless

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