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If we could only see more than this in our country. My wife, myself, my 3 children, and my mother in law all went yesterday. It was wonderful and the very first time I have seen anything like it. Let me say that I have heard church services that are more political then this. All speaking was on our Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, and more repentance. A lot about how this prosperous country has tryed to push God out and now paying the price.

I really enjoyed being there with my Christian brothers and sisters, praying and seeking God together. Singing and worshiping, calling on our Heavenly Father in humility together.

All praise to God through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Bryan Reed

 2011/8/7 17:00Profile

 Re: Mr BillOr

 2011/8/7 17:11

 Re: Mr. BillPro

Brother tried too post earlier and SI page was taken down. Anyway not important. I have said on earlier post and I will say again that I humbly repent of judging Gov. Perry and the Houston event. It was my blessing to pray with a sister from Texas yesterday. We spent over an hour lifting hl the event at Reliant Stadium. Halleujah!!!! Our prayers have been answered in an amazing way. Jesus was truly lifted up. May God bless the governor of the great state of Texas.

Hey Bill. Don't you Texas have a battle cry that goes REMEMBER RELIANT STADIUM. Ok. I am little off. But that should be our battle cry in our war against Satan.


 2011/8/7 17:11

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 Re: Republican Perry offers prayer for America at rally

Personally, I'm glad someone called for prayer and folks showed up to pray! Thank you, Lord, for putting the idea in Gov. Perry's mind.
I believe God to see more of such prayer meetings across this nation.
'T would be great to have such a meeting in my neck of the woods.


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