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 God's love - statement

I wonder if saying this out loud to people will help this sink deeper into my spirit...there is so much I know about God's love...this is not blind faith. My head knows that it makes sense enough to trust it. I know God exists and believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God (if wanting to check any particular variations, see the NET Bible).
I know God didn't need us for anything. The parable of the king and the person who owed him a great debt (10,000 talents) and overlooked it when the debtor cried for mercy, yet when the debtor did not have mercy on someone else who owed him something smaller, the king made his debtor pay back what he owed. This is parallel of God with us....we owed him a greater debt than we could pay. If he left us in our pitiful state of sinfulness we might have a reason not to love God...but He gave everything up for us.

We might not understand why He would bother creating the world....and because we think only in selfish terms....are inclined to start thinking along the lines of "what if?" when something doesn't make sense. When it comes down to it, what human would walk into a situation where they have to take on the blame and suffering which belonged someone else just so that you could be friends with them after (if that)?
He made us, yet also in a sense we were his enemies. For anything not clear about that...God talks about forgiving your enemies, loving those who don't love you and putting others' best interests before your own what does that show about God's love hey!! If he said for others to do that, he must have done just that!

He did not need to love so he could feel good about himself (because selflessness is by definition putting others before yourself) nor was he looking for an ego boost lol. He sacrificed joyously and willingly because he is love, not because He was getting a thing from doing it.

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 Re: God's love - statement

Very cool post, God is complete in the trinity :) He is his own object of love, he didn't need us what's so ever to be a complete and purposeful being.

Out of Love, the sweetest love we will ever know, He created, became the created, and died for that creation, then rose again and then made away for the created to have a relationship with the Creator ie Himself. AWESOME!

Matthew Guldner

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