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 The value of Life and Death

I work in a field where there is a constant flow of life and a constant flow of death. I work as a 911 dispatcher. This job at times is a sobering one because some nights you feel the satifaction of saving someones life but all in the same night feel the wait of a lost life the very next call. We are but a vapor, dispatching reminds me of this.

Often times after a call I will pray, pray hard for those that I just spoke with in their distress. In times of chaos I am the voice of reason, the voice of hope, to a caller their last chance for help. This is a heavy burden at times to think about, someones life is in my hands every day I work. I say all of this only to be stirred all the more.

When I interact with people on the street, they could breath their last any second and at that moment in time I am their voice of reason, the voice of hope, and last chance for help. If they don't know the Lord I have the ability to tell them or to withhold the Saviour.

Remember this today, be the voice, at times on a 911 call I am not welcomed gleefully as I tell someone what to do and at times people get angry with me but the ones that really want saved are desprite and eager to listen to me as I tell them how to perform CPR or to aid in saving a life. Listen to the Holy Spirit today and He will guide you to the ones that need you.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

 2011/8/6 8:16Profile

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