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 Where did civility go?

I went back and read some of the earlier threads of this ministry. I was very impressed with the civility and respect the members showed one another. Even when there was disagreement respect seemed to be shown. Maid me wonder if this was the same SI. I wonder where the civility has gone?

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2011/8/6 1:02

Joined: 2009/12/4
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 Re: Where did civility go?

Not sure, new members = more disagreement= some who are immature to be just that immature. I am young and at times am immature, so if I show incivility then I apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/8/6 2:15Profile

Joined: 2005/6/18
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hi, for years i have seen a greater surge of incivility every year.many have left the sight who were kind and learned and experienced in ministry. ministry has its difficult times that humble and knock off rough edges. failures and mistakes have taught me that i am not as smart as i thought i was when i was younger and knew it all.i am much less learned now than i was 25 years ago and need Jesus more than ever before.a lot of the people who are hard and opinionated have never ministered and struggled through the failures in life.jimp

 2011/8/6 2:32Profile

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the spirits of criticism took civility out of the people here, so that everyone is free to judge and free to do witchhunts and to divide the body of christ and to spread supicions and fear.

 2011/8/6 8:44Profile

 Re: Jimp

Brother I would agree me being one of them. What is disheartening is some of the supposed mature saints adopting the spiritr of the age and beocoming. uncivilized toward. one another. And then this is commended as a Christ centered virtue. Lest I violate Mat.7:1 I openly repent of the saurcasm I have expressed on these threads. If I have offended any I ask forgiveness. It is a sad thing when unbelievers can be civil in disagreements and believers can't. One must wonder????

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2011/8/6 9:21

 Re: Aussiedler

Amen. Again I repent of my witch hunts. For I too have sinned. I am thinking my time on this site is coming to an end. There is an urgency in the times that requires one to be about the things of Christ. May God grant us grace to be civil to one another.


 2011/8/6 9:30

Joined: 2007/8/22
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jimp you hit that nail on the head. I turn 50 this year and realize how little I know. In '89 when first born again I flew out the gate....thought I had a grasp on things and was sooo frustrated with people who couldn't "get it together".
The Lord (in his grace) allowed circumstances to humble me and now I realize how slow of understanding and immature I really am. His mercy is all I have. I wonder how many people just silently prayed for me when I "knew it all". Now I guess its my turn to lift up the sharp tongued, uncivil and immature. May God grant them the same pruning He has and is granting me.


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 Re: Where did civility go?

"I went back and read some of the earlier threads of this ministry. I was very impressed with the civility and respect the members showed one another."

Ahemmm, brother, you just did not read all the threads! (I wonder that Greg is not choking on your observation!) Actually, it has not changed any IMHO. There have been times when discussions got nasty and the mods had to lock them!


Sandra Miller

 2011/8/7 0:37Profile

 Re: Ginnyrose

Sister my apologies. I did say I read some of the earlier threads, certainly not all of them. Given you are one if the earlier members I yield to your observation. It still begs the question, where did civility go in this forum. Are we not Spirit-filled believers extending grace and mercy toward one another? As I shared on another thread my bag of stones has gotten pretty heavy. I leave it at the cross of Jesus.


 2011/8/7 13:44

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