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 Praising God's good Providence

Yesterday morning my husband told me he heard dogs barking. I went out to check on our big pup. Gulp! He had gone over the fence into the neighbors yard and their two pit bulls were attacking him. Had him on the ground on his back by the throat, the other at the tail end.

I was yelling and one of the guys who lives there came out and threw an ice chest full of ice water on them. I was able to get a leash on my dog. Unable to check him out too much but he was able to walk. We couldn't get back over the fence. Had to walk all the way around the property to the gate. I didn't have my key, so I had to stand there yelling for my husband to let us in. I was shaking. The dog was a bloody mess.

We rushed him to the vet. He got 6 staples in the back of his neck. He has countless puncture wounds on his hind quarters - all oozing blood. The wound on the back of his neck was the size of a 1/2 dollar piece. Another example of God's good providence we had just received our monthly money and could take him.

Hubby and I are still in shock. It feels as if I am walking in a fog. Of course we 'thought' there was a blockage to passage next door. The fence that was there was field fence we had stretched out when we first moved here, 7 years ago. Kadzu vine has practically covered it and pulled it way down. That is something that we hadn't noticed, since we don't go in that part of the yard and it is all overgrown.

We bought some 6' chain link fencing (100 feet) and will work on setting it up today. When we first got this dog we had just been given (for taking it down) about 300 feet of 6' chain link fencing with all the posts & stuff. With that we were able to enclose the whole yard. 1/2 is still fenced with 4' fencing. We now see, even without Kadzu vine helping, he can go right over the 4' fence. His intention was to play, not fight.

Anyway, we see God's Good Providence in this because on Monday we drove to visit my Mother and were gone all day with the dog out in the yard. We could have come home to a dead dog. Plus, I could have easily become the target when I went over the fence to save my dog. Even though it is physically and emotionally draining right now God will bring it to work out for the best, as long as we trust only in Him.

How quickly priorities are changed. . . nothing else we had planned to do or buy matter, the dog must be protected, he is our responsibility and a source of joy.

Looking at him you would not expect he would have a problem protecting himself but he is still a pup. The attackers were experienced. There were two and they were smaller than him and could get up underneath. It could have been so much worse. Of course, until we complete the 6' fencing, he will have to only be outside on a leash. Big changes.

Still somewhat shaky, but praising Jesus all the while,
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