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Lysa, God gave us our current President as a judgement upon us. Part of how we repent is by seeing and saying whats wrong so that in 2012 we don't reelect him.

We also must and many are now repenting for our national sins and praying to the Lord to be merciful to us.

 2011/8/5 18:27

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This world is not my home anymore.


by thingsabove:
Lysa, God gave us our current President as a judgement upon us. Part of how we repent is by seeing and saying whats wrong so that in 2012 we don't reelect him.

You do not understand what I'm saying AT ALL if you actually believe that we have control over re-electing Obama.


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thingsabove, Excellant post; i agree; you spoke my thoughts better than i could.

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Lysa, God calls us to pray for the wicked rulers as well as the just rulers.

When we pray for wicked rulers we pray that they repent of their wickedness or be removed.

God has chosen to do much of His work through our humble and contrite prayers supplications petitions to Him for the situations.
He answers them in many ways. One of them is giving us wisdom to elect leaders who are wise and acknowledge Him and His laws.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" Psalm 33:12

However, "The wicked shall be turned into Hell and all the Nations that forget God." Psalm 9:17

We are called to be co laborers with Christ in the discipling of the Nations!

 2011/8/6 0:29

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 Re: Obama and Ramadan

Since Islam is a perversion of Judaism & the teachings of the Messiah, told to Mohammed the Prophet who seems to have had odd conversations with dubious angels, Obama's being more than Diplomatically Correct about Ramadan is a real problem for a professed Believer in the Messiah.

Unfortunately, Obama is of the marxist Social Justice Church that lives in a lot of anger as they seek to have all wrongs redressed for humanity regardless of when or where it occurred, and if anyone alive was directly involved in hurting the poor unfortunates that church seeks to help by fomenting a forced equivalency, just as if they were the first Church in Jerusalem, and communists because they held wealth in common, as most tribal families still do to this day in the Middle East.

Add to that several years in a Madrassah being force fed the Koran under the age of seven, which the Catholic Church still claims is their minimum 'teaching' time to have a Catholic for their lifetime, a communist family on every side, including his Grandparents,and two muslim marxist fathers, it would more than surprising if we found Obama to attend a more Believing Church. As Obama's chaplain is also a Black Social Justice Clergyman similar to Jeremiah Wright of Chicago church days and mentoring, I cannot see Obama coming out anytime soon for any part of what our Puritan, Calvinist, and Reformist original colonists would have advocated.

Add to those facts, Obama's daily spewing of the most horrendous lies about every question, and one knows who Obama leans toward: The Father of Lies.

Could Obama be a Christian? According to the Bible, all things are possible for YHWH. But according to Obama's fruit, I don't really see it. He would not be darkening our country's last days of strength without being deliberately placed there to do us all harm, so I cannot love him. He is not my neighbor, but I will obey the Bible. I pray for Obama to be out of office as soon as can be managed, and to be blocked from doing anymore harm to us, but even so, not as I would have it be, but as Abba wants to be.

On the other hand, Adonai gives comfort each time I want to kill the varmint, and helps me to just want to knock him out of office. Or smack him once or twice, to get his attention! Abba gently reminds me that these feelings are to be fought against. So I do. Sigh!


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Kill the varmint? Varmint as in pest, rodent, or vermin? Would you call him that if he was white?

Why not just lynch the nigger if he's too big for his britches? That'll learn him.

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These last two posts do not represent the opinions of the SermonIndex website and 99.9% of it's Membership.

 2011/8/8 16:03

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 Re: be comforted

maybe it is difficult truth to receive but most peolpe in the world live with this truth and pain all thier lives. Often people in authority do not follow Christ and it is a very difficult path to submit to them and pray for them and be aware of all wrongs. But look at Daniel, Joseph, Moses and others, they walked that way and we are walking too. We must see the dangers and hear God on our part in this dark hour because only His church will be saved not any particular country. It is very painful for you my dear American brothers and sisters , I know that pain, and the answer is please remeber your citizenship is in heaven and this world is fading away with all its lusts. Be comforted, becasue now you see clearer then before what is of God and you can stand in it. when USSR was breaking down we felt such pain and hopelessness but it all led us to God and so many got saved and revived. But it causeв us to lose most of our material benefits and security. All empires fell. That is history. But the Kingdom of God will prevail.

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Like those in the persecuted church as in Eritrea or N. Korea????


 2011/8/10 17:52

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