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"PS: It wouldn't hurt me a bit if Greg decided to close all the discussion threads."

Welll, I sure would miss it and I'll bet Lisa would too as much as she posts! :-) And if you don't like it, you do not have to read them - it is only an option, free choice, free will....:-)

Have a good day, y'all!

Sandra Miller

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I believe that there is a place for exposing wolves, false teachers and prophets within the Church. The problem is that on this forum that there are many Christian leaders and ministers that are being wrongfully labled as being false because of guilt by association or because the accuser doesn't see eye to eye with them doctrinally. As long as the devil can keep us divided in our little groups, arguing over who is right, then he has successfully neutralized the army of God. Our prayer should be that we would all come into the unity of the faith, speaking the truth in love.



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This world is not my home anymore.


ginnyrose wrote:
Welll, I sure would miss it and I'll bet Lisa would too as much as she posts! :-)

I didn't say I wouldn't miss the discussion threads :)


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The problem is this folks, Osteen is a well documented false teacher. There is no doubt about this, and there is no debating it. He does not teach Biblical salvation. Men like MacArthur, Steve Lawson, John Piper, etc etc have exposed the fallacy of Osteen’s “doctrine”, and it’s false.

It’s time that the church stood up and boldly proclaimed that men like Osteen are false teachers, not “saints” as someone on here suggested.

Osteen is nothing more than a wolf with really nice teeth and a manicure. Stop calling him a saint, and stop coddling him. Calling him what is will not only save people from being deceived by him, but hopefully wake him up from his own foolishness and folly… and self deception.

Pretending he is ok and not warning people of the error he teaches is hellish and unloving. The church needs to a grow a spine.

In a recent sermon where John MacArthur discussed Osteen's teachings he declared that Osteen "hates God". He is right. Osteen loves the god he has invented in his own mind, but hates the God of the Bible.


 2011/8/4 8:38


Well I guess the same can be said about the prosperity preachers? They are also worshipping a God they have created rather than the God of the Bible? I think this is true.

Some of my Christian friends told me to read "The Shack". I read about 200 pages of it, but I just couldn't finish it.

But I've found the whole church is only interested in "mercy & grace" teaching. We don't want to hear about judgment, chastisement and even punishment. We don't want to hear you reap what you sow. Well, not until it's too late. Then they tell us.

 2011/8/4 11:15


Not at our church.

We get a lot of 1 time visitors.


 2011/8/4 11:28

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Well really this is a good thing, it just shows us that God's word is true, and the things he said would happen are happening, so I look at this is just a sign of the end times, nothing more. God told us this would happen, so we should look at this as to increase our faith in his word. I could care less what these agenda's of the folks are, that's is not going to be my personal focus, I will be rejoicing over the fact that these things are happening, and God's word is still right on.


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Amen, Billy-Bob!

 2011/8/4 12:40

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It is a theory that Mr. Osteen may have received too much of the hell fire and damnation preaching in his younger days and chooses to present another side of the loving God. Regardless, he feels in his own eyes that is is right to preach what he is preaching. I have a family member who listens to him and his name was brought up in a conversation. I would feel uncomfortable commenting on him or his teachings having not listened to him. I had heard others speak of him but I never watched him and I never followed any posts on SI concerning him. I wrote him off, categorizing him as yet another WOF teacher.

So I committed myself to listening to a few of his sermons for the sake of my relative. I heard a very pleasant message with several jokes and anecdotes. He is somewhat charismatic and reminds me of a young jovial boy who is always smiling. This is what people see and hear. It is pleasant and uplifting but is it gospel and does it have within it the true joy of being a child of God?

it appeals to the one who would benefit from listening to it. So how would I judge it according to scripture which would be the test for any truth. I would liken it to watching an enjoyable movie in a comfortable theater. However, in the lobby there is a raging fire. It has enveloped most of the building and there is but one exit that is temporarily free of the flame. No one in the theater is yelling fire. There is no smell of smoke so there is no concern or alarm and so all sit there content unaware of the eminent danger. It is a one sided gospel that speaks well of man and when man is elevated he is in grave danger. Men should rise up to who they are in Christ and that is a position of blessing beyond description, but to hear a gospel that does not humble men before the Almighty is robbery in the greatest sense. In our humility He is glorified. Do not even the Angels in His presence cover their eyes. How dare anyone treat the Holy God in such cavalier fashion as to have no fear of looking into the Ark. The message I heard, being tailor made to men, catered to the desire to better their condition in this world but It was delinquent of unselfish love, trembling, and reverence that one should desire toward the God who is everything to them.

Having felt that I had given a good listen to Mr. Osteen I felt I could then see what was recorded by others that would never be posted by his ministry. I saw a recording of a man who stood on a parkway corner as the thousands of people leaving this mega church were being ushered out and to their respective parking facilities. The man on the corner was yelling," repent". All of the people leaving the church ignored the man. Not one in this clip addressed the man or did anything but ignore him. What would I do if I were leaving a gathering of the saints and a lone man stood on the corner for the purpose of telling me to repent? This picture has not left my mind for a month now. Although this man may be a crazy, and I don't know anything about him (the man on the corner that is), what a picture of the churches scattered across this land it could represent. Families are leaving facilities, where supposed saints have gathered, and as they leave a lone man stands on the corner yelling repent and no one listens. Not to pagans, and those in obvious rebellion against God, but the very churches across the land. It is a frightening picture I fear that is not just fitting for Joel's church but for a great majority as well.

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Has anyone heard of Billy Graham?. He is the father of Franklin Graham. Several years ago Billy Graham was the foremost evangelist in this country. His crusades were used by God to bring many to faith in Christ. I can still hear him say in that southern drawl the Bible says.

When I because3 a Calvinistit, something I have aleays regretted. We bashed Billy Graham. We criticised his evangelidtic methods. We deplored his gospel presentation. We even called into question his walk with Christ. But you know something? He was reaching people for Christ. While we Calvinist were trying to bring Arminians to the five points, Billy Graham was bringing people to Jesus.

Praise God I left Calvinism and the bashing of other people. I have had to repent of my words I can't comment one way or the other regarding Joel Olsteen. But a brother did remind us that none of us deserve Jesus. We all our saved by the grace of God. At least Joel Olsteen is not reading from the Koran or their is no crescent moon flying over his church. If there is an issue with him pray for him. Pray he will have an experience with Christ. Imagine if Joel were converted the impact he would have on people. Assuming he is not a believer. Only God knoes his heart. But let us be careful. He may be in heaven and we not be. I am simply saying let's stop bashing the man and pray for him.

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2011/8/4 15:46

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