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 Cursed and Left to Die GFA Praise Report

Cursed and Left to Die August 2, 2011 GFA

Like this young man, Dhruva was bedridden, but God healed him in response to the believers' prayers.

Weak and bedridden, Dhruva Yadav had no hope of recovery. He was only 28 years old, but everyone who saw him thought he would soon die.

This stood in stark contrast to his life just a few years earlier. Back then, Dhruva was living the way he wanted. He and his family devoutly followed the rituals of their traditional religion, offering sacrifices regularly. Dhruva also found pleasure in drinking alcohol, smoking and chewing betel leaves, a mild stimulant.

But then things changed drastically. Dhruva's body grew so weak that it was almost impossible for him to move, so his family took him to a hospital. Although he stayed in the hospital for three years, no medical treatment improved his condition. Disappointed, his parents brought him back home. They learned that one of their relatives had placed a curse on Dhruva and blamed the black magic for the sickness.

One day, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Jeevan Mistry went to Dhruva's house to pray for him. As all of Dhruva's family members and neighbors gathered around to see what would happen, Jeevan shared a passage from the Bible about praying for the sick. Then he prayed out loud, asking God to heal Dhruva.

That same day, Dhruva chose to surrender his life to Christ, asking the Lord to forgive his sins. Full of newfound faith, he believed Jesus would completely heal him.

Gradually, Dhruva's health improved, and Jeevan continued to visit and encourage him from the Bible. Pastor Jeevan and his congregation also fasted and prayed for Dhruva's deliverance. In His mercy, God freed Dhruva from the demonic activity causing his illness, and he experienced full healing. Dhruva made a public confession of faith and shared with the congregation his testimony of how Jesus healed and delivered him.

Dhruva desires prayer that his family members, who still observe their traditional religion, will choose to follow Christ. He needs prayer to stand firm in his faith and is asking God to open a door for him to study the Bible and pursue ministry.

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 Re: Cursed and Left to Die GFA Praise Report

Praise God!


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