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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : How does Christ become everything to a person?

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 How does Christ become everything to a person?

Im not talking about in word but at the very heart n core of life, how is this accomplished? Or how can it be?

Input would be thoroughly appreciated

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 Re: How does Christ become everything to a person?

Through suffering...there is really no way around it. And yet, as we experience Him in and through our suffering, we then are able to endure with great joy because His more and more becoming our Life. He becomes, as you said, our core, our heart, our all.

 2011/7/27 20:49

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Mahoney, thank you so much for your response,

I asked this question because I feel nothing anymore, I can touch nothing, nothing means anything anymore, the current church situation is nowhere on my radar at the moment. I have lost absolute interest in everything that made sense to me.
And yes bro, I am in the midst of a suffering moment during this time in my life, I am having a bout with depression and other conditions related to my emotions, but I am broken, and continually breaking at the seems, only hoping that my faith won't fail me.

thank you brother

please chime in saints,

this isn't just for me, but for anyone who may need or desire understanding

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 Re: How does Christ become everything to a person?

I'm not a very mature saint, but I hope my answer helps a little.
I think one of the ways He becomes precious is through prayer. Any type of prayer, but especially through worshipful and meditative prayer. Meditating and praying about who He is always draws me close. And it brings home who He is to the heart, making Him closer. (Or bringing you closer!)
Also studying Scripture slowly and carefully, especially looking at who Jesus/God is. I just started studying Revelation (not necessarily for eschatology) and it is amazing how much Jesus is in the first 3 chapters! I mark every reference to Him in the text (and pronouns and stuff) and then record in a note book what it was saying about Jesus. This makes Him more and more precious to you.
And as someone else said, suffering for sure. One of the closest times I had with the Lord was shortly after my conversion and I was sick as a dog. My family was gone and I was alone in the house, I had been bitten 6 times by a hobo spider and my leg swelled up and I had a horrible rash and I had the flu on top of it. I remember lying in my bed one afternoon, because I couldn't do anything (I went to work for a few hours, came home, slept, woke up and ate dinner and went back to sleep and did that for 4 days), and I was near breaking point, feeling very alone and just prayed "God I need you." and I felt Him draw near in a way I can't explain. I haven't experienced anything quit like it since. Suffering really does draw you close to Him. Cause you have to rely so heavily on Him.

I remember Paul Washer saying that someone said to him "Brother Paul, Jesus is all I need!" And Brother Paul said, "Brother, Jesus is all you have." And that is soooo true.

Sorry that was a little long. I hope it helps. I will pray that Christ becomes everything to you!


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" I have lost absolute interest in everything that made sense to me."

If you think about it. This is really what death is. It's separation from everything that I know...from all that is familiar into something that is just dark and unknown.

When we physically die. That is what will happen.

This side of the grave, as Christians, we know that following Christ means dying. He will bring us to places and situations where all that we know, everything that is familiar will just not satisfy anymore. We will have to let go of what we "think" is safe and trust Him. The problem is that can be very scary. Especially if we are used to looking to ourselves or other people to solve our problems.

The promise is though, that if we do deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. We will be raised with Him also. He will become our life more and more. It's a process.

 2011/7/27 23:28


Oh and please don't forget....He loves you!

I would also recommend a man whom I have grown to love very much.

Malcolm Smith. Fantastic teacher. He knows God and the ways of God.

He has a youtube page - Malcolm Smith Webinars....highly recommend.

 2011/7/27 23:42

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hi brother, Jesus looked down the corridors of time and saw you personally and decided he was going to the cross for you. he loves you personally and chose you from before the foundation of the world.we are a chosen generation and a royal priesthood,you and i...when you grasp how much he loves us even though we are jerks;not because of who we are but because of who He is...our performance has nothing to do with His love, His grace and His mercy. it is His faith,His covenant,His sacrifice,His blood and His Spirit that He gives freely to you and i. cheer up;the people are wrong,His burden is is not about sin,feelings,etc. it is about you have a loving family relationship with Jesus(have you been born from above)jimp

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Scotland, UK


a) Christ is all in a sinner's justification before God.

Through Him alone we can have peace with a Holy. God. By Him alone we can have admission into the presence of the Most High, and stand there without fear. "We have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of Him." In Him alone can God be just, and justify the ungodly. (Ephes. iii. 12; Rom. iii. 26.)

Wherewith can any mortal man come before God? What can we bring as a plea for acquittal before that Glorious Being, in whose eyes the very heavens are not clean?

Shall we say that we have done our duty to God? Shall we say that we have done our duty to our neighbour? Shall we bring forward our prayers?-our regularity?-our morality?-our amendments?-our church going? Shall we ask to be accepted because of any of these?

Which of these things will stand the searching inspection of God's eye? Which of them will actually justify us? Which of them will carry us clear through judgment, and land us safe in glory?

None, none, none! Take any commandment of the ten, and let us examine ourselves by it. We have broken it repeatedly. We cannot answer God one of a thousand.-Take any of us, and look narrowly into our ways,-and we are nothing but sinners. There is but one verdict: we are all guilty,-all deserve hell,-all ought to die. Wherewith can we come before God?

We must come in the name of Jesus,-standing on no other ground,-pleading no other plea than this, "Christ died on the cross for the ungodly, and I trust in Him. Christ died for me, and I believe on Him."

The garment of our Elder Brother,-the righteousness of Christ,-this is the only robe which can cover us, and enable us to stand in the light of heaven without shame.

The name of Jesus is the only name by which we shall obtain an entrance through the gate of eternal glory. If we come to that gate in our own names, we are lost, we shall not be admitted, we shall knock in vain. If we come in the name of Jesus, it is a passport and Shibboleth, and we shall enter and live.

The mark of the blood of Christ is the only mark that can save us from destruction. When the angels are separating the children of Adam in the last day, if we are not found marked with that atoning blood, we had better never have been born.

Oh, let us never forget that Christ must be "all" to that soul who would be justified!-We must be content to go to heaven as beggars,-saved by free grace, simply as believers in Jesus,-or we shall never be saved at all.

Is there a thoughtless, worldly soul among the readers of this book? Is there one who thinks to reach heaven by saying hastily at the last, "Lord have mercy on me," without Christ? Friend, you are sowing misery for yourself, and unless you alter, you will awake to endless woe.

Is there a proud, formal soul among the readers of this book? Is there any one thinking to make him self fit for heaven, and good enough to pass muster by his own doings?-Brother, you are building a Babel, and you will never reach heaven in your present state.

But is there a labouring, heavy-laden one among the readers of this book? Is there one who wants to be saved, and feels a vile sinner? I say to such an one, "Come to Christ, and He shall save you. Come to Christ, and cast the burden of your soul on Him. Fear not: only believe."

Do you fear wrath? Christ can deliver you from the wrath to come.-Do you fear the curse of a broken law? Christ can redeem you from the curse of the law.-Do you feel far away? Christ has suffered, to bring you nigh to God.-Do you feel unclean? Christ's blood can cleanse all sin away!-Do you feel imperfect? You shall be complete in Christ.-Do you feel as if you were nothing? Christ shall be "all in all" to your soul.-Never did saint reach heaven with any tale but this, "I was washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb." (Rev. vii. 14.)

(b) But again, Christ is not only all in the justification of a true Christian, but He is also all in his sanctification.

I would not have any one misunderstand me. I do not mean for a moment to undervalue the work of the Spirit. But this I say, that no man is ever holy till he comes to Christ and is united to Him. Till then his works are dead works, and he has no holiness at all.-First you must be joined to Christ, and then you shall be holy. "Without Him,-separate from Him,-you can do nothing." (John xv. 5.)

And no man can grow in holiness except he abides in Christ. Christ is the great root from which every believer must draw his strength to go forward. The Spirit is His special gift, His purchased gift for His people. A believer must not only "receive Christ Jesus the Lord," but "walk in Him, and be rooted and built up in Him." (Col. ii. 6, 7.)

Would you be holy? Then Christ is the manna you must daily eat, like Israel in the wilderness of old. Would you be holy? Then Christ must be the rock from which you must daily drink the living water. Would you be holy? Then you must be ever looking unto Jesus,-looking at His cross, and learning fresh motives for a closer walk with God,-looking at His example, and taking Him for your pattern. Looking at Him, you would become like Him. Looking at Him, your face would shine without your knowing it. Look less at yourself and more at Christ, and you will find besetting sins dropping off and leaving you, and your eyes enlightened more and more every day. (Heb. xii. 2; 2 Cor. iii. 18.)

The true secret of coming up out of the wilderness, is to come up "leaning on the Beloved." (Cant. viii. 5.) The true way to be strong is to realize our weakness, and to feel that Christ must be all. The true way to grow in grace, is to make use of Christ as a fountain for every minute's necessities. We ought to employ Him as the prophet's wife employed the oil,-not only to pay our debts, but to live on also. We should strive to be able to say, "The life that I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." (2 Kings iv. 7; Gal. ii. 20.)

CHRIST IS ALL by J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

Colin Murray

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Man of God. I gaze upon this thread and read the words Murrcior has shared from a man who truly speaks from the Spirit of God and am greatly moved. If you are a brother you will know there is know solace apart from Christ. He is the only comfort for a saint in distress. Other saints may offer you their ear and sympathy and even empathize having come through like challenges in their faith and we are to be there for our fellow brothers and sisters, but we can only point to Christ. To whom can we place our trust? Only the Lord is our refuge. There is no other comfort to be found for the one in Christ. If we have been given the eyes that discern the world then we know this to be true. There is no quick pill or formula. Only He who who has born our burden. We should be asking of the Lord what has become us? Why the trial? Why the despair. Why the suffering of our soul? He does not move without purpose. He desires all the dross be removed.

For His children He is their comfort and protection. For his bride He is her sanctification. For His friends He gives strength and compassion. For the saint He is always with us, though we may build barriers that hinder us from drawing and staying close to Him.

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 Re: 1 Cor.1:30

It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who had become for us wisdom from God---that is, our righteousness, holiness, and redemption.

 2011/7/28 10:51

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