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 Big money gets behind Rick Perry for president

I live in Ft. Worth, Tx, and I'll be honest I do not want this guy to become the next president of the U.S. His presidency would be the 3rd Bush term. He is NOT a true conservative. That's why all the big money likes him including the Bass brothers here in Ft. Worth. This is the same deal the money people tried to pull with McCain in the last election. They gave us a watered down moderate.

BTW, are we allowed to talk politics here?

 2011/7/21 1:29

 Re: Big money gets behind Rick Perry for president


When he went to the Bilderberg meeting 2-3 months ago I told my wife that he is going to be "anointed" to run for President. And lo and behold!

It was a very obvious signal to me. And just being an attendee of the Bilderberg conference tells me he is no friend of conservatives.

He will continue the status quo.


 2011/7/21 10:01

 Re: Big money gets behind Rick Perry for president

this forum is really going off the rails.

 2011/7/21 10:05


Of course, that is just my personal opinion.

 2011/7/21 10:11

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Natan4Jesus this forum is really going off the rails.

Amen Brother! Lot of folks here or pastors in general, like the idea of the separation of Church and state, but some still want to bring it to the forums, go figure!


 2011/7/21 10:11Profile

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That is a ridiculous statement Bill.

It is true that he is a faux-conservative.


 2011/7/21 10:24Profile

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I do not care about the mix of politics and any belief system.
Rick Perry as well as any politician and all their rhetoric nonsense to the Our Faith.

As a matter of fact why are we even discussing this?

 2011/7/21 10:26Profile


I apologize, I should not have said that Perry will continue the status quo. That is too general a statement and to think that he would continue what is going on, is not really fair. What is going on today is horrible from a human perspective. From God's perspective, it is quite another story.

This is why Jesus stayed out of politics. We can certainly have our opinions but should not divide because of politics.

Government is always wanting to divide people.

God's people should be one. This world is passing away and the lusts thereof.

The Holy Spirit tells us (through Paul) to not get entangled with the affairs of this world.

2Ti 2:4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

We need to be about the Master's business which is bringing many sons to glory and being conformed to His image.


 2011/7/21 11:03


Has anyone heard of the Three Self Patriotic Movement church in China? If you have then ask why the Chineese house churches refuse to associate with it? Then ask are we not seeing the same rise here in America?

 2011/7/21 11:12

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Hi martyr,

Yes, I know about them. They are government churches posing to outsiders as Christian churches. But inside are members of the party not members of the Body of Christ. They are mainly "show" churches to prove to the outside world that they have religious freedom when in fact they do not. Our government knows it is not true, but play along with them, in order to continue trade with them.

In America, when a religious organization chooses to be a tax exempt organization they are choosing to be a government entity, they are choosing to come under the government's influence and control to a certain measure.

This is the dirty little secret in American Christendom. There has already been a little marriage of Church and State and soon it will become a full relationship otherwise your tax exempt status will be pulled. Many that love money will do whatever the government wants in order to keep this status.

IRS - Whenever you seek tax exempt status and are granted it, you must now follow the guidelines to keep your tax exempt status. This means when you cry out against sin (eg. homosexuality, same-sex marriage) and someone doesn’t like it, they can contact the IRS and they will threaten to remove your tax exempt status.

This is what happens to churches when they try to make a stand against the evils of the day. Little does the church know, they are already exempt under the constitution. The IRS or any government organization, cannot hinder the ministry of any church since they cannot abridge the practice of religion. It is a shame that churches and ministries would rather maintain the ability to give a little piece of paper (receipt) than to thunder forth the truth. The IRS sets the rules as to what a tax exempt church can preach and what it cannot.

There are very few churches that are willing to forego the tax exempt status because they will not trade truth for a piece of paper. We must be able to preach the full counsel of God without any threats of government action. As long as you remain a private organization, you are protected by the first amendment. If you sell out to the government for Incorporation and tax exempt status, you forfeit those God given rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Churches should never, ever put themselves in a position where the government has a say in their affairs, but mammon is the driving factor here otherwise, why marry the government in this area?

For those who will not donate toward personal ministries because you want your receipt, you possess the wrong concept of giving. If you filter your giving through what you can deduct, then you have not given. If you filter your giving through obedience to the Scriptures, then God will bless you far beyond what the globalist IRS can do.

In Christ,

 2011/7/21 11:37Profile

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