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"The LORD does not talk to us of the things that we should have done, He only tells us of the things that we need to do - right now - in the present. It is the voice of the enemy trying to bring condemnation down upon you to paralyze you from doing whatever it is that the LORD would have you to do. Satan is always trying to get us to look back, or look forward, so we miss the moment that we are in - which is the only moment that we can affect by our reaction, or lack thereof, to the LORD's instruction."

So true. And do not forget that!

Yesterday I read an article by John Rosemond and was very impressed. The point in that article dealt with the issue of how a mother needs to distance herself emotionally from her children. (Actually, Washer hints at this concept in his sermon on Christian Womanhood.) I did a search on the web for John Rosemond and found his website. There he does offer some advice in parenting and from what I read, it is on the level. His stuff is so radically different from what we heard when I was a young mom it is not funny! And would you know his insights, advice are conclusions I have come to after my own children were grown. Rosemond does sell a lot of lit dealing with parenting issues so his site may be a turn off to some but if you are serious about parenting and need practical advice do not let this distract you.

I realize, MaryJane, your children may be too old for the info he shares, but there may be other young moms here who need encouraging...


Sandra Miller

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Hi MaryJane,
Wonder how you doing ?
Do you have an update concerning your son?
Please let us know sister.
Shalom to you,

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Hi MaryJane,

I also once walked away from God. My mother never said a single word to me. She let me go. She even let met steal money from her purse to buy drugs. She never said one single word. But she prayed in secret. And God sovereignly met with me. He simply came into my life in a sovereign way without anyone speaking or sharing anything. I know today, if my mother had tried to "get me back on track", it would have only caused me to walk even further from God.

So, take heart and courage and believe God can work all things together for good. Do not let the enemy condemn you. God is a God who sovereighnly raised the dead. Do not fear and be afraid. Love your son. All you have to do is love your son and pray for him. Allow God to teach you about His unfailing and unchanging love. He loves your son no matter where he is. It is the love of God alone that can win your son! Gods heart is much bigger than ours. God is good and in control!


Daniel Sahm

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Good advice from daniel. And make sure you and your husband are one in the Spirit and dwelling in unity and love. Like the prodigal son's father, don't condemn him and pray and wait on the Lord.

If your son sees that you and your husband love each other and love him, it will be a picture of the love of God for him that he will never be able to get out of his mind and will be used mightily by the Holy Spirit.

How has your husband ministered to you in this situation?


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