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Smith Wigglesworth... My grandfather travelled with him in New
Zealand and at 68 years old I can still clearly remember him telling
of the miracles... The lasting memory was not the miracles however
but the presence. I have never been able to give satisfactory words
to describe this but these men not only walked in the presence
of a Holy God, they radiated it, the modern religious foolishness
would bow in silence had it been there.

I remember Granddad and Grandma coming from their room one
evening after a day of prayer, they never said anything but the
ministry was powerful; it got right into one's spirit with cleansing
power and the result was that Jesus filled the vision so that every
other interest just died.

I remember my indignation when a journalist got hold of some of
Smith Wigglesworth's original manuscripts and presented them
in a book then proceeded to travel the world preaching but at the
same time living with another woman...

The memory of Smith Wigglesworth draws many to desire the
same experience but few are willing to walk the walk, that's the
part that is not often talked about. Smith Wigglesworth never
hesitated to identify the thief and the robber, but also could weep
with the penitent and lead him to victory. Compromise was not
his style but now the house must be filled and the world has come
into the sanctuary.

You may have noticed that the Laodiceans owned their church -
Rev 3:14 - and Jesus was outside - vs 20. All the other Churches
are described as being at some location but not Laodicea; they
had taken the right of self government and could not see their true
state. The faithful and true witness was outside, not in the sanctuary.

Many years ago I set aside just 3 days and nights to seek the will
of God on a particular matter, I had learned that brokenness is the
foundation to true thanksgiving and surrender the basis of real
praise. Time and sense disappeared, the heavens opened and His
glory was so bright and alive, His love was tangible and powerful.

I asked Him... "Lord how do you feel about your church"? 44 years
later I still weep, the weight of His grief increased until I had to ask
him to stop, I was dying, I could not humanly cope with the weight
of grief that Jesus had over His Church. His glory and His love was
still there, so real. I lay on the floor as the experience came to an
end, I was back in a very unreal world. For the next 3 days I
couldn't talk, my flesh trembled all over me. His inheritance was
being trashed and I knew it...

After that experience the real condition of the Church began to
unfold, no church was exempt... Tragically multitudes have been
turned aside from following Jesus and the narrow way that leads
to life, turned aside right within the Church because the wolf has
been allowed to roam at will in the house. Fornication heads the
list - a close 2nd is homosexuality. Adultery is statistically no
different from the world's standards. Many argue the rights and
wrongs over these issues but the inheritance has been trashed
and Jesus is outside.

I know what I have written may seem negative and without a real
answer. I guess I've expressed my heart cry that Jesus be loved
and honored above everything. The cry of Joel's heart describes
the condition and supplies the answer between the porch and the
altar... someone must pay that price for the honor of Jesus.

"And so, with fastings and prayer, with agonizing travail and wrestlings
such as Jacob had with God, with ridding their lives not only of
their sins, but of their fleshly, soulish "WAYS" also - the ways of
man's strength and man's power,- they battled on, right into the
very throneroom of God. And by the time they got there they were
truly broken and humbled men and women, true possessors of
'clean hands and a pure heart'. And He met them there in the most
profound way." - God bless you.

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