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I have often wondered about that phrase 'sheep led to the slaughter'. Sarah you raise an interesting point about Christians being gullable. Sheep are some of the mist gullable, if not dumbest animals around.

Ok wasn't there a certain Texan who had an experience with Christ. Yet this Texan was a member of Skull and Cross Bones. Wasn't there a peanut farmer from Georgia who teaches Sunday School in an SBC church. Yet be is NWO. Ok. I guess I am one of them gullable sheep.

When will Christians stop playing patti cake with Caesar and come out of Babylon? Or is it Washington?

 2011/7/19 18:54

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Regardless of what Rick Perry's motives are in calling Christians to fasting and prayer at Reliant Stadium, most of the people will not be going because of Rick Perry, but because we need revival to come to this sin sick nation, and it starts with the Church.

Many of the sheep from Southwest La. will be there, and we will be doing what the Word says to do, because we know that without God intervening for this nation, there is no hope in any other source. We are certainly not looking to Rick Perry or any other governmental leader for the answere.

This call to prayer and fasting is something that the Church ought to be doing and not leaving it up to the governor of Texas.

I applaud him for doing this. Do you think that it is popular to stand against gay rights or abortion? Think again! Rick Perry would not stand much of a chance if he did run for president, because he would be attacked so much by the liberal media and even Christians, that it would take the Lord intervening for him to win.

My prayer is that the Lord would give us more governmental leaders that will stand up for righteousness and speak the truth.



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You are right in that, AbideinHim.

Rick Perry will be skewered just as Palin and Bachmann have been.

The press is self-admittedly on the Dem's side.


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Abideinhim is right in that the church should be calling forth this event and not the political leaders. I don't know if this is a rebuke to the church or some sly way the devil is derailing the church. What I am reminded of is when Roman emperors like Constaintine called forth Christian councils to hammer out some theological issue a dangerous alliance developed between church and state. I hope that pattern is not repeated here. Please note I am speaking from church history, not a liberal view point.

 2011/7/19 23:55

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Opposition Simmering on Eve of Prayer Rally On the eve of Texas Governor Rick Perry's Christian prayer meeting, the controversy surrounding it is growing.

Friday night, a grassroots organization called Family, Faith and Freedom held a counter rally in northwest Houston. About 100 people showed up for the event that was sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Inside Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, people from a variety of backgrounds and faiths came together to pray. There are Christians alongside Jews and Muslims.


100 people showed up? I wonder how many that did not show up, that were opposition, that were maybe convicted in their spirits? You know the end times are near, when Christians stand along side of folks from the American Civil Liberties Union, the same folks that endorse Gay marriage...Abortion....Removing Prayer from our schools.....and endorse anything else the Devil might like.
Well what the American Civil Liberties Union saw was 100 lost souls. IMO


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 2011/8/6 12:49

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