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 Re: reedited for mispells

This may be a bit simplistic but who honors the Constitution? The President disregarded the war powers act and the Constitution by the incursion into Lybia. This after being bogged down in two wars started bu his predecessor. One of those wars had no legal justification. That president said they tried to kill his daddy. How many daddies were lost in Iraq. How many federal judges have over turned local or state elections. What I mean that people vote against gay marriage or sharia and the will of the people is over turned by the court. Presently legislation has been passed to jail pastors who preach against homosexuality or Islam. Does anybody know about the federal detainment camps to put undeirables like Christians when things get out of hand. Please don't glory in the myth of the Constitution. Your only true hope is Christ. I apologize for the misspells. Will try to clean this up.

 2011/7/19 16:41

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Hi martyr,

Please don't get me wrong. I wasn't trying to glorify the US Constitution or declare its supremacy -- especially in the life of believers. Rather, I was pointing out the conflict of the idea that some may have regarding the role of the US in eschatology.

Many -- especially conspiracy theory websites -- claim that the US is moving toward a "one world government." While a political "ecumenical" movement is definitely afoot, there is a strong Constitutional prohibition toward any international laws (or figures) from taking authority or preeminence over US law.

In terms of our standing in this world, I hope that my first post in this thread was a little more attuned to how I feel. Our provisions come from the Lord. Yes, we must attempt to work in order to take care of our families (or we are "worse than an infidel" - I Timothy 5:8), but it is the Lord who directs our steps as we submit to Him.

As for the conflict in Libya, the Iraq War, or federal judges stepping in elections: I would rather not meander into that issue (since it isn't necessary for this discussion and would be likely unfruitful where disagreements might arise). However, we should be careful about our words. We should be especially careful as to not mislead or misconstrue or impart our conclusions when sharing facts.

Again, our Lord is our provider! In terms of "poverty," it is difficult to claim that most of today's "poor" Americans are truly "impoverished." Like the link that I provided, those who fit into the government's definition of "poverty" live better than most others throughout the world.

May the Lord bless you!


 2011/7/19 16:59Profile

 Re: Hi Chris

I only bring up the incidents of our wars or federal judges to show that Constitutional authority is being undermined in our country. Chris there was a time when this country stood for freedom, not only here but abroad. But the NWO crowd has been pretty affective in destroying our Constirutional protection. Even if what you say is correct (I am sure it is). The powers that be would disregard the constitution. I am not a conspiracy fanatic (My previous post came across like one). There is an evil agenda that is seeking to enslave this nation into the NWO.

 2011/7/19 17:16

 Re: Bottom Line

Trust on Christ, not man. Ok off my soap box. It's alright folks I am harmless. Going to take a nap in my bunker here.

 2011/7/19 17:24

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You are right, martyr.

NAFTA comes to mind as an egregious confederation that most Americans did not want.

Yes, the constitution is stepped on and ignored and will continue to be.

Chris is right, though as far as this thread, it could turn quite political. I don't side with either political side as they are both manipulated by others.

I will continue to vote for Jesus, he doesn't lie to me.


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Amen, Mike, Amen.

 2011/7/19 18:27

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 Re: Will these seem like the good old days in a few years?

I suggest we hop over here and do this:
Enter your yearly salary and it will show you how you compare to the rest of the world.
So I figured my dad's salary is about $13,000 a year. Which makes us RICHER than 80% of the world!!
Even with my piddly little part time job of just over 6,000 a year I am richer than 71% of the world.
The average income in America is about $40,000 which means most Americans are richer than 85% of the world. You know the saying, 20% of the people have 80% of the wealth and the other 80% get 20%? Well that's America. "Average" Americans are in the top 15% of the world. But people don't see it that way.
We actually have a family in our church who claims they are "poor" and they just don't know whether to get rid of internet or cable or phone or cell phones because they NEED them all. Since when does anyone NEED cable TV? Unless your unregenerate and trying to fill the God shaped hole in your heart.
Like someone else said, yesterday's luxuries are today's necessities.

As for me, bring on the economic disaster! Perhaps it will finally wake us up out of our laodician slumber.


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It is true, that God's judgement is used to turn His people away from self and other men and back to Him. He tries kindness, first.


 2011/7/20 14:53Profile


Yet who is listening ?

 2011/7/20 19:22


Yet who is listening ?

 2011/7/20 19:22

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