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 A ticking clock. reedited for spellong

Uh folks while you are busy debating which is the correct Biblical translation has anybody looked at the calendar? Does anybody know what Aug. 2 is? No it is not the rapture. Unless the congress comes to a consensus on the budget we may be looking at an economicic catastrophe. Anybody been tracking this? Folks may I suggest there are far greater things to be concerned about. Ok, now you may stone me.

 2011/7/17 15:56

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Minnesota, USA

 Re: A ticking clock. reedited for spellong

I won't stone you. I understand where you're coming from because the ticking clock (for far more than the national budget) has been loud and clear in my spirit for some time now. There's so little time, so many distractions and far more people who don't know Jesus.

As for the Bible translation debate, there's a part of me that understands it. Like you, I also believe that the time for that has past. Whether that's the sense of urgency I've been feeling in my spirit, I don't know. There are people who don't have that sense of urgency concerning time so it's just another discussion to them. Some (and I know this from talking to people, both Christian and unbeliever) KNOW things are very different and feel a sense of impending dread or danger, but it scares them and they seek "normalcy" and routine to comfort themselves. I'm sure there are other reasons but these are the two most common that I've run into in these last months.

As for the national debt, what can we do? We can pray, and we ought to, but things are progressing along with God's timeline. I'm not saying we should be complacent. I'm saying that God is still in control. He's still on the Throne. He's not asleep. Nothing escapes His gaze. He's not subject to the US Government or the economy or to anything else. As such, neither are we, as His children, because God is our provider. Not our jobs. Not the grocery stores. Not the government or anybody else. Not even ourselves. Only God.

I KNOW with every fiber of my being that if the economy collapsed and there were food shortages and I ran out, that God could cause manna to rain down in my living room if He chose to provide for me in that way. One way or another, I know He would provide. Being so confident in that, I would feel secure in sharing it with others who were hungry and hurting. Food for their hunger and God for their hurting.

Still, it's wise - and biblical - for us to be watching for His return and reading the signs of the times. Don't panic... pray.


 2011/7/17 18:07Profile

 Re: keith

Brother good post and wise insights. Very much agree. I posted a thread entitled A Question under General Topics. It gives a warning in the way of a parable. You may find it interesting. Blaine

 2011/7/17 18:46

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Dear brother,

In politics both parties maneuver for more power. The debt ceiling has been raised 70 times since the Great Depression and will be raised again. They are not working together. They stopped doing that years and years ago. It is an ideological war in D.C. and the American people are not uppermost in their mind. My healthcare this year has cost me 5000.00 more than last year. This is the way it is going to be and it will only get worse when you are 14.3 trillion in debt and soon the debt ceiling will be raised to 16.7 trillion.

The U.S. will not default. Election season is coming up.

He that seeks to save his life shall lose it.

American are losing their lifestyle slowly, bit by bit and it is making many of them angry.

Those that are Christians risk getting into the flesh instead of trusting the Lord.

Will the Lord rain manna from heaven as He did in the OT? No. Will He provide miraculously for His people? Yes. Will many go through hardships and tribulation? Yes.

I fear many will get into the flesh, take up arms and be part of the social unrest that is coming.

We must rest in Him and trust Him.

What time is it? Time to get close to Jesus.

In Christ,

 2011/7/17 19:25Profile

 Re: Sarah

Amen, my sister, amen. It us time to get close to Jesus. Br bkesses in him. Blaine

 2011/7/17 21:12

 Re: Sarah

My sister you seemed well informed. Some believers are not aware of the bodget. Let alone the history of it. How do you get your info? Do you know about the persecuted church? Are you familiar with the rise of Islam? Just courious. Blaine

 2011/7/17 21:18

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Hi martyr,

This is not deep, dark, hidden information. I listen to some talk radio when I get a chance and read. News and information abounds 24 hours a day, you know.

And who doesn't know about the persecuted church?

You asked: Are you familiar with the rise of Islam? I have to ask in return if you are serious or just "pulling my leg?"

I'm not offended or anything like that, but just wondering why you might think this about people who live in this world. Do you come in contact with a lot of Christians that are not familiar with these things?

In Christ's Love,

P.S. A good place to start is a 100 page book called The Naked Capitalist. It explains why a lot of things, politically and economically are the way they are today. Decisions that were made that put us in the mess we are in. The Lord allowed it all to take place.

Then read Carrol Quigley's, "Tragedy and Hope".

I see someone already mentioned that book on SI.

Or, better yet, just know that man is wicked, self-centered and God-hating and needs salvation and then pray and read the Word. That alone will save you a lot of unnecessary reading and you can give more time to the Lord.

Man always tries to make a Utopia without God, but it always ends in power for a few and oppression for the rest.

 2011/7/17 23:06Profile

 Re: Hi Ssrah,

My sister very impressed. You are very informed and well read based on the books you mentioned. Of course you have keen sporitual insights. Sarah I was not trying to be funny when I asked you about the rise of Islam. I have had some bad experiences with some extreme fundamentalist. These are people who are hunkered down in the bunker. There motto is God, gold, guns, and groceries. Not necessary in the order I gave there. Their world view is limited. Also these folks tend to be biggots and racial. Some may be kkk or aryan which is scary. I live in Ark. The idea of a personal relationship with Christ seems to escape them. I try to avoid these folks. They seem to see an anti Christ under every table.

Have you been home schooled? You really seem to be on top of your game.

 2011/7/18 1:24

 Re: Something elsr Sarah

Most of the contemporary churches I visit have no idea about Islam or the persecuted church. All they are concerned about is me, me, me, and me. Christ does not figure into the equation. So sad.

 2011/7/18 1:34

Joined: 2011/6/16
Posts: 183


Please don't be impressed.

I really don't know anything. The only knowledge that is worth anything is the knowledge of Him, plus I read the KJV.

On top of my game? Hardly. You are too easily impressed, martyr. Much of what I told you is common knowledge. Even your latest post about "God, gold, guns and groceries" is common knowledge to those that are halfway informed.

In Christ,

 2011/7/18 8:47Profile

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